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Exporting airhostess! Yet another human trafficking case

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Indians love the USA more than their own country. Where there is a growing demand for illegally entering the USA, supply parameters will automatically come into place. The Times of India reports a Jet airhostess, Aliya Abbas Rizvi, has been caught faking marriage with Ahmedabad businessman Rajesh Trivedi and accompanying him to America. They went together but she returned alone. Inspector Dattatreya Bhargude arrested her arrested her on charged of human trafficking.

Further investigations have revealed that one Yusuf Akram Beg, a Bandra foreign-goods’ shop owner had approached Aliya with Rs 1.80 lakh to marry Trivedi. Aliya passed Trivedi off as her husband Abbas Rizvi. The latter’s passport and other documents were forged by one Altab and Yusuf Beg. The duos were paid Rs 20 lakhs for the deal. Aliya has blown the whistle on a bigger racket. Now, the police are investigating 72 airhostesses who had taken relatives abroad.

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Apart from the fact that such a racket exists, we must ask ourselves why people like Trivedi need to migrate in the first place. Also, are international carriers becoming dens of vice? In short, is there an Intelligence failure in our skies? If Trivedi can be siphoned off abroad, then surely, terrorists and other bad elements can easily enter India.

In the ’90s India was steadily losing young talent to better opportunities in the West. The government just gave up trying to stop this brain-drain. Now we have even unskilled, comparatively dull people also leaving the country en masse. If India is truly booming as our economic pundits would have us believe, then why is immigration still continuing?

India is indeed booming, but for a handful few. The rest are trapped in poverty. Meritocracy has given way to mediocrity and a total failure of the state machinery. People have no other option but to leave India if they want to prosper. Nepotism, feudalism and red-tapism have killed us. Aliya Rizvi and Rajesh Trivedi must be plain tired fighting the system. They just responded to the needs of the times.

Our government and flight-companies are always announcing ever stricter methods of increasing air-security. One suspects that there is more talk involved in these declarations than action. How is it possible that the customs’ officials and air-marshals knew nothing of this scam till a barely adult girl got caught? The CBI should investigate whether anyone in government pay has been paid to look the other way. And also are our Intelligence agencies looking the other way for incoming flights?

At least we can get rid of unpatriotic citizens when they immigrate. This is a blessing in disguise. But I get shivers imagining the sort of foreigners entering India through false means. These human imports will finish us off. India needs to be more vigilant.

Images: Jet Employment, The Hindu

Via: Times of India

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