Kűltepe’s excavations reveal a large monument

Recent archeological breakthroughs that throw greater light on our history

Archeology permits us to expand our knowledge of the past beyond just written scriptures. Archeological findings unearth unknown stories of ...

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Brazil League Soccer Match

The decade’s most brutal confrontations and incidents in sports

Sportsmen tend to be competitive, and the drive to win can sometimes cross the boundary to become dangerously violent. Confrontations ...

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Jerry Seinfeld

Standup comedians that consistently cast a spell of laughter

Standup comedy is anything but easy. Whether it is a budding comedian or a professional, each stage and audience hold ...

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Turkey has seen multiple situations

The mayhem that the Turkey coup has caused in the lives of Turkish families

Since 1960, the recent coup that was attempted by the military in Turkey marks the fifth time the department has ...

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ZakirNaik 2

Controversial Statements made by ZakirNaik that question his ideologies of Islam

The recent terrorist attacks in Bangladesh had left many stunned. However, a controversy was in the making when the Bangladeshi ...

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The Core

Sci-fi movies that aren’t even vaguely scientifically acurate

Science has advanced to a point where scientists are debunking one or the other myth day in and day out. ...

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Movie remakes that took a rollercoaster away from the original

When a concept takes origin in Hollywood and finds acceptance from the audiences, what follows is a sequel, but when ...

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Virendar Sehwag

5 Indian cricketers who won praise for their philanthropic activities

Many of our favorite cricketers are known for more than their skills on the field. These cricketers have made it ...

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Microsoft’s zealous fight (1)

Essentials of Microsoft’s zealous fight and eventual acquisition of LinkedIn

Microsoft was ardent in what it called the “world’s leading professional cloud” merging with the “world’s leading professional network”. Microsoft ...

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Shantanu Narayen

Top 5 Indians who are leading international companies

The leader of a company is not the founder or owner, but the CEO or Chief Operational Officer who is ...

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Roman Emperor Elagabalus

The most insane rulers history has ever witnessed

While you may have heard of leaders and rulers in history who were highly competent and powerful, you may not ...

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Tom Petters

Ponzi scammers who found their way onto the fame pyramid

Ponzi schemes are such fraudulent investments that pay back investors from their own money rather than from any earned profits. ...

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