We feel the election campaigns are a sham- The Youth View

Introduction As the 16th Lok Sabha election knocks the doors, the prime subject of discussion is the election campaigns and ...

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Top things to learn from Kejriwal

Introduction Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s new chief minister is way different from other politicians. Arvind Kejriwal’s rise over the past couple ...

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Women want to have strong presence in politics

In India, the percentage of women voting in the elections is increasing all the time but they hardly have any ...

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Political parties making good use of technology for Lok Sabha Elections

Technology has made considerable in-roads into our lives and during this Lok Sabha election; many political parties have used it ...

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Why must we steer away from Fair and Lovely?

Envision this circumstance: an Indian few is sitting during supper. The wife lets her know spouse about her day, while ...

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Top five fashion trends to look out for in 2014

Changing trends in fashion always reflects social and cultural changes in at large. This is more or less synonyms with ...

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Amazing hairstyles for college girls

College days sum up a time when you are free from those disciplinary fetters of school and from the laws ...

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Latest summer fashion trends for women

With so many fashion trends appearing all around us, it creates hell lot of bewilderment to make out which fashion ...

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Lok Sabha Elections outcome to influence gold prices considerably

If reports are to be believed, the result of general elections in April – May, holds the power to influence ...

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Effects of Chinese environment policy on iron ore export from India

This is the most crucial time for the iron ore exporters from Goa, as they may face threatening tasks in ...

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Skills gap – a hurdle for many employers in India

If we talk about the skilled labour in India, there are not many, frankly speaking. This problem has not come ...

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Galderma plans to tap the skincare and beauty market in India

Galderma is a Switzerland based company, which is owned by food and beverage huge Nestle, plans to tap the skincare ...

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SC’s third gender verdict is a landmark for transgenders in India

“April 15, 2014” will be marked as a golden date in the history of Eunuchs in India. After battling for ...

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Pakistan needs to stop supporting terror outfits

Canada and other countries need to form a common ground against Pakistan, as the country has become state sponsor for ...

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Resignation by Nancy Powell reflect strained bilateral ties between US and India

The US Ambassador Nancy Powell resigned few days ago while bilateral ties are not in very good condition between US ...

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Google facing yet another lawsuit by Garcia

Cindy Lee Garcia, actor who has faced death threats for her role in the controversial anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims” ...

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Why we still need to move over judging a girl from clothes she wears?

Standing here, in the 21st century it is absolutely baseless to give a thought to that, girls are still being ...

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Why we are ready to accept relationships without marriage?

The reason that we are ready to accept relationships without marriages is because we are presently in the 21st century ...

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Celebs going nude-Is it worth our time?

Nude celebrities mean fame, fortune and filth. The leaked celebrity nude photos inspire fascination and adoration from the masses who ...

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Is the young Indian prepared to talk sex with parents?

Parents these days should be more aware of what is going on with their children. They need to make their ...

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Cricket no more remains the gentleman’s game in India

This Wednesday, N Srinivasan, the BCCI President, was asked by the honourable Supreme Court of India to step down from ...

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Five most bizarre purchases by English Premier League footballers

Premier League Footballers have it all! They have the fame, talent, looks, girls, and they have money. Unlike the common ...

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Indian Cricket Board experiencing mixed feelings over Supreme Court’s verdict

These days the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is experiencing mixed feelings of happiness and confusion. In ...

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Supreme Court wants Sunil Gavaskar to replace Srinivasan as BCCI president

With the background of the betting and spot-fixing scandal in the IPL, the Supreme Court wanted N. Srinivasan to resign ...

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Google’s Project Ara to revolutionize the future Smartphones

Google loves to work on new, challenging, and startling projects. One such futuristic project of Google is Project Ara modular ...

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Facebook eyes drones for internet transmission

Founder of the world’s best social network Mark Zuckerberg pulled the wraps off his noble plan to spread Internet connectivity ...

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Facebook Announces New Launcher Service For Android Phones

Facebook to acquire virtual reality platform, Oculus, for $2 billion

As on March 25 2014, Facebook announced that it would acquire Oculus VR, the maker of next-generation virtual reality platform, ...

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Electric cars – are they worth making an investment

When we talk about innovation, the first thing that strikes our mind is an electric car. Although an electric car ...

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Reel life political characters that are still afresh

Nowadays, the only thing-occupying people’s mind is the elections. The election fever is so high that if you by chance ...

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Top rumors about celebs we wish came true

Miley Cyrus is Out of Control As stated by Star Magazine, Miley is “more out of control than any other ...

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Kind of movies young India wants to see onscreen

The matter of youth Getting to the heart of the matter of youth, youth is a piece of life where ...

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Is India open to accepting married actresses?

Individuals aware of present circumstances say it is inexorable. Regardless, is that accurate? Furthermore who’s at fault? On the other ...

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