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‘My best man slept with my wife’

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It’s amazing how close friends can be helpful even when their help is not needed. Andrew is now dead, – “my best man slept with my wife” those were his last words before he committed suicide. He wrote a note why he had to do it.

The late Andrew had been married to Soni for close to 2 years with whom they were blessed with beautiful twins, a boy and a girl who had barely celebrated their first birthday before their father’s demise.

Andrew committed suicide allegedly after frequent and serious arguments with his wife who out of anger decided to drop the bomb shell that she had been sleeping with their best man.

Two innocent kids are now fatherless because of selfish people. I would not jump to blaming any party in this since the woman had her own reasons of sharing their marital bed with their best man but I wonder why my closest friend would stab my back. Both will pay for this.

I am concerned because Andrew was my former college mate, he had secured a good job with one of the main stream Television Stations in the country, all I can say he was doing well.

Love triangles are becoming too much common in Kenya but whenever kids are involved, I feel bitter and curse spoilers who are out to destroy people’s marriages.

Those of you who read my story titled “Why did David kill my friend” will agree with me that the devil is at work. This happened in November last year.

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