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Molecular Gastronomy?

Molecular Gastronomy is the biggest revolution in cooking since Egon Ronay is happening and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you’d better make a point to find more about it!!
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We have all heard food making is an art as well as a science… ever heard making food by applying principles of physics and chemistry to make ur meal?? no right! well thats molecular gastromy….
Heard about Cauliflower panna cotta? or Cappuccino of forest mushrooms with mushroom biscotti?? or Nitro-scrambled Egg and Bacon Ice Cream???
sounds really weird right?!?!? but thats how the molecular gastronomy works…
Innovating wildest heard combinations which stimulates every1’s tastebuds.
Wondering who are the guys behind this whole concept?? They are 3 best renowned chefs namely:
Ferran Adria, chef at El Bulli near Barcelona
Heston Blumenthal, chef at Fat Duck in Bray, UK not to forget he is the winner of The Best Restaurant in the World

Anthony Flinn, chef at Anthony’s in Leeds, UK

Their passion to innovate these dishes and arouse the tasebuds of valuable guests visiting their restaurants marks an incredible era in the industry to begin a revolution….These restaurants remain close for 6 months of the year for the chefs to experiment on food… they practise different techniques of cooking food with differents ingredient combinations and cooking methods…
If you are willing to reserve a table for 2 in their restaurant, you better hurry up coz the bookings would already be full for this year and if you are lucky enough you would just reserve the table for next year… These restaurants are fully booked even before they open up for service for a particular year… i wish my cake shop would run like that!!

Be ready to pay astronomical amounts for a meal for an extraordinary experience which would last for a lifetime!

Sample Dishes
Codfish foam with sea-urchin mousse (Ferran Adria)
Monkfish liver with tomato seeds (Ferran Adria)
Snail porridge (Blumenthal)
Yeast soup with cinnamon and lemon ice-cream (Blumenthal)
Risotto of White Onion, Espresso with Parmesan Air (Anthony’s)
Home Made Black Pudding with Roast Salmon Cheeks, Mango (Anthony’s)
Cauliflower risotto – carpaccio of cauliflower with chocolate jelly (Blumenthal)
Salmon poached with liquorice (Blumenthal)
Cappuccino of forest mushrooms with mushroom biscotti (Keller)
Main courses
Langoustine with fennel tea poured from a pot (Anthony’s)
Red Mullet with langoustine and almond creme caramel (Anthony’s)
Duck breast with olive oil chocolate bonbon (Anthony’s)
Cauliflower panna cotta (Keller)
Desserts / Cheese
Warm chocolate fondant with peanut ice-cream and artichoke caramel (Adria)
Smoked bacon and egg ice-cream (Blumenthal)
Sardine on toast sorbet (Blumenthal)
Fig and black olive tatin with brie ice-cream (Anthony’s)
Parmesan ice-cream sandwich (Adria)

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