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Microsoft India Initiates New Educational Program Ed-Vantage

Microsoft Corporation India has come up with plans to release a brand new education resourcing program in response to positive feedback generated from scholastic institutions in India.

Company Overview of the Program

  • According to a statement released by the company, the major aspects of the program, dubbed the Microsoft Ed-vantage, will focus on assisting institutions with subjects that are most important to them, like teaming up with them to bring in a greater capacity building and technology innovation for students and faculty alike. This will, no doubt, help to make students a lot more employable.
  • The company statement continued that the release of the new program, Microsoft Ed-vantage, is indicative of a development in a manner more than 10,000 colleges and universities are able to adopt Microsoft student solutions to cater to their personal needs, offering them the chance to complete on the employment stage on an international level but with an equal footing.
  • The Microsoft Ed-vantage program seeks to consolidate and improve the advantages of both academic institutions and scholars, who are influencing well-established programs from Microsoft such as IT Academy, Campus Agreements, Imagine Cup, DreamSpark, Student2Business etc. that offer the appropriate software tools to the students and faculty.


  • The company considers the main target of the program to enhance the employability of students and equip them with the skills necessary to meet the requirements of the industry. The design of the program assists suitable academic campuses along with their students connect with many different organizations within the industry in India, thereby generating a platform for scholars to discover both employment and internship opportunities.
  • The Managing Director of Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd, Sanket Akerkar believes that the introduction of the new Ed-vantage program signifies an all new way in which educational institutions can work in close connection with the Microsoft Corp. than ever before, from levering the programs and technology they have on offer to building the correct skill set in order to become a lot more employable while focusing on innovation at the same time.
  • Akerkar was quick to add that the facilitation of the correct technology education is a top priority for the Microsoft group, since it collectively helps the nation of India as a whole.
  • The necessity of offering current, real-world devices to IS or information systems students at nominal prices is a hurdle several IS instructors continue to tackle. The new program is a reply to this need and combines together the main principles of original software, and certifications to make scholars more employable.

The Ed-vantage program from Microsoft will provide four levels that can be controlled with the company – every level of investment involves key advantages ranging from Basic to Silver and from Gold and Platinum.

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  • VenkatChari

    A good initiative! The Microsoft Ed-vantage if launched, can solve many problems faced by the students and scholars in the IT education cadre. It will help building up a more competitive team of professionals in innovation technology.

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