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Is India really Incredible?

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Even when the Indian tourism industry under the leadership of Ambika Soni keeps boasting of the increasing numbers of tourists coming in India, the figures when compared to that of India’s neighboring country Singapore are far too less. India is a very large country with diverse features such as the Snow covered Mountains, golden beaches, dense forests and shimmering deserts. This offers a choice for everyone to choose from what they like the best or enjoy all of them by visiting just one country and not having to travel to different countries. All these factors definitely add to the benefits of India as a tourism destination and are enough to lure tourists. However, with the attacks on the tourists being on an all time high in India, the tourists are now considering countries around India for a similar but secure experience.

The recent case of a Briton teenager being murdered in Goa has added fuel to the fire. The issue has been discussed with much anger in the Rajya Sabha and Ambika Soni was questioned about the security of tourists in India to which she proposed the deployment of ex-servicemen at major tourist destinations. Singapore is one of the countries that most western tourists are considering as the best possible alternate to India. The tourists visiting Singapore are estimated to be over ten millions while that of India is a mere five millions. With the declining figures and the unpleasant incidences occurring in the country, India’s claim to be ‘Incredible’ is surely being questioned.

Via: Hindustan times

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