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Is Child Labour a Crime or Government Inefficiency?

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We all say that child labour is a crime? No doubt that it is a crime, its a shame on us that we force innocent children as labours, we recurrently say that our first concern is to educate these kids so that they help our society in a more constructive way. It all sounds like a responsible citizen who is all worried about the young India or for the matter for the whole world. But has anyone thought that what is the compelling force behind such labour.

Let’s take an example, suppose there is a family who has a small grandchild only, or may be a child of 8-9 years, father-mother are working on daily wages, and ask their son to work too, law says that parents are violating the laws, just imagine with income from daily wages how come that family could support their 2 time meal and arrange for the study expense of their child, a simple knowledge of just reading the news paper would do nothing rather he would read all the news related to political scams, corruption…(haahaahaa), and would guess that he wasted his/her studies. On the contrary he would have worked as a child labour, and might have increased his/her family income so that they could have 3 time meal rather than 2 time meal

The point is straight forward, we all think about basic amenities first, then the secondary and then other things. For that family food is the basic need and education is secondary or may be has no significance, family can afford to live even his/her kid does not goes to school but cannot bear missing a meal.

In such a situation we do not have any right to say that family is violating any law, rather we should say the government is forcing them to violate such laws, huge amount of money goes missing when a scheme is launched, inquiries come and go, guess if such money could be used properly there would have ample money for such poor households. Crores of money spent on construction of monuments parks where people do not have enough to eat, the irony is that you may find kids doing the labor work. The problem does not lies in the family rather it is inefficient policy that force them to ask their kids to go to work.

We were taught there were 6-7 fundamental rights ( sorry I was a bad student of social science), I guess many could name them also, I would say the most important right that is not mentioned in the constitution is RIGHT TO LIVE… think about it.

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