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IPS/IAS officers who were killed in line of duty

Policing in a country like India can be very risky and hazardous. Physical harm to a man in uniform/government officer or his family members is actually commonplace and one must consider himself very lucky if it does not visit him. This would not have been the case if some of the bad elements in the society have not been supported by the elected representatives. But still there are some police officers or IAS officers who have displayed bravery and single-minded devotion to duty. Unfortunately a few IPS/IAS officers have laid down their lives in the line of duty. We have compiled a list of such brave officers.

Ashok Kamte

Died on: 26 November 2008

Age: 42 years

He was the Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police and supervised the Eastern Region. He was killed during the 2008 Mumbai attacks as he fell to terrorist bullets. On 26 January 2009 he was honored with Ashoka Chakra. He is survived his wife and two sons. His father is a retired Colonel of the Indian Army and is still living.

Ashok Kamte joined the state as an IPS officer in 1989 and was sent to Bosnia in a UN mission in 1999 – 2000. In 2006 he was made the Commissioner of Police in Solapur. Kamte also played in a key role in dealing with the terrorists holed up in the Mumbai buildings as he was well known for his negotiating skills. He was one of the most respected and admired officers of the Mumbai Police Force.

Avtar Singh Atwal

Died on: 25 April 1983

Age: 40

A.S.Atwal was a senior Indian Police Officer. He served for five years in the Artillery Regiment before joining the IPS. At the time of his death he was serving as the DIG of the Jalandhar district in Punjab. On 25 April 1983 Atwal was killed while he was coming out of the Golden Temple. He could not fire back as he was not carrying his arms at the point of time. He received the President Police Medal (posthumous).

Randhir Prasad Verma

Died on: 3 January 1991

Age: 39

Randhir Prasad Verma was an Indian police officer who was posthumously awarded the Ashok Chakra, India’s gallantry award. He died in Dhanbad while trying to stop an armed robbery of a branch of Bank of India. A Commemorative postage stamp was issued in 2004 in his honor. At the time of his death he was serving as the Superintendent of Police.

Vijay Salaskar

Died on: 26 January 2008

Age: 50

Vijay Salaskar was a Senior Police Inspector with Mumbai Police. He was also an encounter specialist. He has been credited with killing as many as 80 criminals in encounters and a majority of the victims belonged to the Arun Gawli gang. He died while fighting the terrorists in November 2008 Mumbai attacks. Captured terrorist Ajmal Kasab has claimed responsibility for his killing. He was honored with the Ashok Chakra on 26 January 2009.Salaskar joined Mumbai police as a sub inspector in 1983. He has served the police for 25 long years and before his death he was the Head of the Anti-Extortion Cell.


Mohan Chand Sharma

Died on: 9 September 2008

Age: 43

Mohan Chand Sharma was a police Inspector with the Delhi Police. He was killed in the Batla House Encounter in Delhi with the suspected terrorists. He had won many gallantry awards including the coveted President of India’s medal in 2008. He was awarded the Ashok Chakra on 2 January 2009. He is remembered for his involvement in high profile cases like the Indian Parliament attack, the Red Fort attack and the 2005 Delhi bombings.

Hemant Karkare

Died on: 26 November 2008

Age: 53

He was the chief of the ATS in Mumbai. He lost his life in the 2008 Mumbai attacks but was honored with the Ashok Chakra on 2 January 2009 for his gallant efforts throughout his career. He joined the Indian Police Service as a part of the 1982 batch. He has served for seven years in Austria in RAW, India’s external intelligence agency. Mr. Karkare was regarded as a very influential officer in the police circles. He was in charge of the investigation of the Malegaon blasts in 2008 and succeeded in arresting eleven suspects.

Narendra Kumar Singh

Died on: 9 March 2012

Age: 30 years

Narendra Kumar Singh was an IPS officer posted in the Morena district in MP. However, the 30-year old officer died on 9th March after he was crushed to death by a stone-laden tractor-trolley. After an unsuccessful attempt to stop that vehicle, Narendra Kumar Singh overtook the vehicle and stood in front of it to force the car to come to a halt. But, unfortunately, the heavy-duty vehicle crushed the IPS officer under its wheels. This is a case of yet another ‘murder’ by the mining mafia in this region. The young officer was punished for his honesty but his bravery and good intentions will fill the hearts of the people with hope and courage.

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    A very great post. It’s a tributary to all those heroes who have sacrificed their lives for their people and country.

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