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Infanticide In Palestine: Man Kills Wife Because She Was Pregnant With A Girl

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I thought it was just the Chinese who had an aversion to female babies. With their one-child only rule parents have often abandoned their female babies, or killed and aborted them in the hopes that they will, some day, have a male child instead. This has caused a dearth of females in the country and they are now suffering the consequences of their choices, since men are finding it very challenging to find a mate.

But it’s not just the Chinese who favor males and practice gendercide and infanticide, a Palestinian man not only killed his unborn baby, he also killed his pregnant wife because the ultrasound apparently showed that the baby was a girl. He already had three boys and another little girl, but the ingrate wanted another boy instead of a girl so this was his solution. Kill two birds with one stone, by killing them both. Apparently his brother had nine boys and according to family members he was jealous. Perhaps he felt it was a commentary on his manhood, bearing a female and not a male, but what these incredibly stupid people don’t realize is that without females to bear children, the world would stop dead in its tracks.

The West Bank man has been arrested on suspicion of murder, even though it’s quite obvious he is guilty as hell.

Palestinian police officials said the argument that followed the ultrasound test was just one of many and that it was not the sole reason behind the murder in the village of Nasiriyah, located north of Nablus.

According to police, abrasions were found on the man’s body, indicating that the wife struggled as he was choking her to death.

And this wasn’t the first attempt at murdering his wife, it occurred after another ultrasound examination. She was also subjected to beatings, according to relatives, prior to her death. Why family stood by and allowed this to happen is unconscionable, but the fundamental problem is that women have no importance in the conservative Muslim’s life. Being viewed as property makes it easy for a husband to beat his pregnant wife and then murder her and their child. It doesn’t help that the Palestinians , in particular, glorify death over life. If you get bombarded daily with thoughts of jihad and killing Jews, from their TVs to their news media, that’s going to poison your mind and your heart. Then it becomes easy to kill anyone, even a wife.

But the difference between gendercide in China and somewhere like Palestine, is that most of the Chinese people are forced (or were, things are changing there) to have only one child, the Palestinians can obviously have as many as they want, and it seem the more the merrier. So what if the man had another girl, he more than likely would have gotten his wife pregnant again. Perhaps it was an isolated case. But men in patriarchal, male dominated societies need to know that women are an essential part in procreation, without us there are no children, without children, there is no life. Human, at least.

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  • Sabeeha

    This article is entirely misleading. Muslims do not practice the killing of girls, killing of girls happened in the pre-islamic/days of ignorance and that all changed when the faith of Islam came along.
    Having been to Palestine, I have seen no such male domination and women are allowed to participate in all walks of life there.
    Wherever this practise happens it is horrendous but please do not link the two together, the case is completely isolated.

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