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Indian democracy, the largest but not the best

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The Indian democracy is said to be the largest one in the world, certainly due to the largest number of voters in the general elections, and this is due to the large number of population we have. But can it be said to be the best democracy? What are the characteristics of a good democracy?

Democracy is a system of government in which the people have full participation in every sphere of it. Democratic governments are created by the people to work for their welfare and all round development. If we test the Indian democracy on these grounds, can we call it a good democracy? The answer lies in the way we perceive a democratic system. If democracy means only a system where people elect their representatives to form the government, then ours is really a true democracy.

But is it the real meaning of democracy? How far are the governments in India concerned about the problems of common people and sincerely and honestly do something to resolve them? Do the people of India have any control over the governments and its officials except to certain extent only during the general elections? Are the other democracies in the western world functioning like ours? Can an ordinary person in India dare to ask any government official about his duties and responsibilities and that why he is abusing his public powers? Do the political leaders genuinely take interest in listening common man’s complaint against public authorities?

The nexus between the politicians and bureaucrats has made the situation worse and the people helpless. The blame also goes to the people who are unable to bring forward the clean imaged, hardworking and honest individuals to represent them in the governments. People are also to be blamed for electing criminals, dishonest and bad characters as their representatives.

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