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India to see great media ‘Tamasha’ today on Abhi-Aish marriage

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Children start their education in India by learning the English alphabets and words started from the alphabets. Generally, they start to learn as ‘A’ for ‘Apple’ and ‘B’ for ‘Boys’.

But the Indian electronic media are on the way to change the system of learning. If they have seen any of the news channel in last 2-3 days, not even the children but their parents will also start the alphabets with ‘A’ for ‘Amitabh’ and ‘B’ for ‘B’ for ‘Bachchans’.

The 24-hr news channels have less space for social and human interest stories and they have enough time to show who is coming in the Abhisek-Aishwarys marriage function.

From what the bride and the groom are wearing to where they are headed for their honeymoon, news channels is focusing on the minute to minute details of the popular bollywood wedding and making the private matters public in the name of news reporting.
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Now see the headlines you simply can’t ignore… ‘The world’s most beautiful woman weds India’s most eligible bachelor’

Just listen what a respectable editor Hello! India magazine says on the ongoing media onslaught over the wedding affair. She said:

Media does what the public wants and this is what the masses want.

Under pressure of channel management, the sound bite hungry boom holders of different news channels lining up outside the Bachchan residence for the past few days. One of the Mumbai-based tabloids hired an Abhishek Bachchan look-alike to sneak in into Aishwarya’s building.

It seems, Indian media are busy in creating news not reporting the news. The spray in tabloids, newspapers and news channels over one of the biggest wedding affair, the chase for breaking news would make the wedding reporting hysterical than ever.

It is hard to understand why the Indian media is going mad over the most natural affair of love and marriage. This is a great example of wasting resource and money like this on a completely private wedding affair or it seems also that the advertisement departments are ruling the editorial departments in media organization and they want to sale the news not reporting the news.
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In another interesting turn in the story, a smalltime actress, Jahnavi Kapoor, who played a small role in ‘Dus’, alleged that Abhishek had ditched her after promising to marry her. She also claimed that she had tried to commit suicide after hearing of the Abhisek’s marriage with Aishwarya.

The incident gave another ‘Masala’ to news channels and they are busy investigating the background of Jahnavi leaving important stories of the day behind. Cheer up for the great Indian media…


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