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Google takes over Facebook in display advertising

Google tops the chart of web advertising ahead of Facebook

With Facebook becoming ever popular these days, it is quite surprising to know that Google has ranked #1 as far as display advertising in concerned. Google has managed to come back into the advertisement market with a boom resulting in the generation of the highest income which it has gained through its ads. According the eMarketer, 15.4% of the market has used Google for its advertising needs instead of Facebook and this is the reason why Google has generated $2.31 billion in revenue.

In 2011, Facebook made the highest income through ads, topping the charts of display ads. This year, Google has a share of 15.4% of display ads as compared to the 14.4% of Facebook. As compared to the revenue generation by Google, Facebook has been able to generate $2.16 billion. Through this data it becomes clear that Google will again gain dominance through mobile, search and display. Although Facebook has been left behind by Google this year, still it will be taking home revenue bigger than what it gained in 2011 i.e. $1.73 billion.

Google has been continuously involved in the process of being more accessible to people. This is the reason why it has more display assets available on the PC as well as on mobile, apart from its massive search engine. YouTube is one such huge asset which Google owns and it is the largest online video streaming website available with millions and billions of videos posted and watched on an everyday basis. Another asset which Google owns is the AdMob, which has been especially designed for mobile marketing.

Google has managed to come back strongly into the ad-market only through the vast network it has built through its search engine and other valuable assets. Facebook is undoubtedly in this competition with Google, but it would not be easy to compete with this giant unless you have assets like the latter’s in your hand.

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  • Venkatachari

    It is good to hear that Google is continuously progressing. Even though Facebook is quickly becoming more popular because of the social instinct of man to get connected to people at every instant, Google is much more wast with its search engines and because of man’s quest for knowledge always increasing it will always remain more dominant than Facebook.

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