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Cut-Uncut Festival- prepare for watching censored Bollywood scenes

If you had wished that censor board had not clipped some steamy scenes out of the movie, last time you were in the theatre, this could be your perfect chance to view the same. Bedroom encounters, lip locks and other controversial scenes that have made waves will be perhaps open first time for public preview. Scenes from Bollywood movies that have come under the scanner of censor board’s scissors will be out in the open for everyone to watch.

Cut-Uncut Festival that is planned to be held in New Delhi later this month will screen such controversial scenes from over 100 Bollywood movies. The never before seen footage from movies is set to interest audience as it will open a new perspective of Bollywood that is often hidden and ignored.

What better, you can even be a part of the discussions that will be held post screening. These discussions will focus on sex, nudity, portrayal of religion and on screen violence in Bollywood movies. The festival is proposed to be held from April 25-30 and will screen movies as Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur. Prepare to watch censored scenes from the movie, you even thought could not exist.


Cut and Uncut festival will also screen movies featuring Bollywood legends Devika Rani. This is being done with the intention of tracing the roots of adult scenes in the movies. Similarly, Yash Chopra’s ‘Dharamputra’ is set to be screened to look at the origin of religion in the movies.

Information and Broadcasting Ministry is organizing the festival and the same is a part of series of events that the ministry plans to hold. Other in the line includes exhibiting unique film posters, student film festivals and screening rare movies including some silent movies.

These series of events that are planned to be held between April and May are being held in collaboration with Film Division, National Film Archives of India, Film and Television Institute of India and Central Board of Film Certification. It is expected that such a collaboration of film fertinity will generate unique interest from the audience and they will gain access to various facts that are often ignored.

Another even that the ministry plans to hold is to screen documentaries and exhibitions that will focus on restored posters. Screening of a silent movie ‘Throw of Dice’ is also expected to be a part of one of these festivals.  The movie as the name signifies is based on a unique incident on Indian Epic Mahabharata and will help the viewers develop a new perspective of the incident.


The festival is also set to see a live performance by Ustad Nishad Khan. This series of event which will set in with the Cut-Uncut Festival is set to attract audience from diverse groups including students, professionals, theatre personalities and even Bollywood stars. Perhaps the discussions that will originate will help in bringing a decisive change in the mind set of the general public that often views Bollywood movies as a source of entertainment and fails to read between the lines.



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