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Why must we steer away from Fair and Lovely?


Envision this circumstance: an Indian few is sitting during supper. The wife lets her know spouse about her day, while her spouse appears to be more intrigued by the daily paper before him. Baffled, she trusts in one of her ...

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Top five fashion trends to look out for in 2014

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Changing trends in fashion always reflects social and cultural changes in at large. This is more or less synonyms with females. The majority women have this unending desire of dressing up according to the current fashion trends, no matter whether ...

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Amazing hairstyles for college girls


College days sum up a time when you are free from those disciplinary fetters of school and from the laws governing the corporate world. It is a time when you have complete freedom to experiment with your looks. Nothing can ...

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Latest summer fashion trends for women


With so many fashion trends appearing all around us, it creates hell lot of bewilderment to make out which fashion trend should we add to our wardrobe? Another major problem is – how do I wear it? You will try ...

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What Lingerie Styles are Celebs Wearing in 2014?


Hot, sexy, sensual, chic, naughty and pretty- these are some attributes that describe the sassy lingerie outfits which are making news in the Lingerie Fashion Week Fall 2014 and which celebs will be happy to sport and accouter their wardrobes ...

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Wearing Plaid Perfectly- Tips and Tricks


The fashion cosmos is ever-changing and in this dynamic world of shoes, sashes and skirts what tops the chart as the latest trend today might be considered passé tomorrow. However, the proverb “old is gold” aptly applies to the fashion ...

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