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Apple Becomes 2nd Largest Seller of Mobiles

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California based computer, mp3, and recently mobile phone maker Apple, Inc. has recently surpassed the Canadian smart phone giant RIM (Research In Motion) to become the world’s number one smart-phone seller. Overall, Apple is number two in the mobile phone business right behind Finland’s Nokia.

Apple has a market share of 17.3% share to RIM’s 15.2%. Although that is significantly behind Nokia’s share of 38.9% what is so striking here is the fact that Apple was only one mobile product: the iPhone. Nokia, on the other hands, has dozens of smart-phones. And yet with one single mobile Apple was taken second place in the smart-phone industry surpassing most likely even the wildest expectation of Steven Jobs. It is a testament to the popularity of the iPhone.

Since its worldwide release on July 11, the iPhone was sold over 7 million. Apple’s share of the entire mobile market is 2.3%. Microsoft has now fallen to 4th place with their mobile software.

Nokia’s sales have been hurt by the iPhone’s success, dropping 12%. Though it still holds a market share more than twice as large as Apple’s. The best news is for consumers: the increasing smart-phone rivalry has lead to lowered costs and better far-more improved products such as new Blackberry’s and Nokia’s 5800 XpressMusic. The new iPhone, whenever it comes, will probably be even more incredible.

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