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A Sati a year…

satiAn old woman committed sati by jumping into the funeral pyre of her husband at a village in Bihar’s Gaya district.

Seventy-seven-year-old Sita Devi performed sati by flinging herself on the pyre of her husband Sugreev Prasad at Siddhpur village under Imamganj police station.

According to her sons Ramashanker and Sanjay Prasad Sita was deeply religious, left the house unnoticed on night,walked to cremation ground and took her life by jumping into the still burning pyre of her husbad when the family members were asleep after cremating their father.

Although ‘Sati pratha’ has been banned in India since long but still we can easily notice news like women committing Sati as banner heads in our newspapers and hot topics on news channels. The question that is tickling my mind is who is to be blamed for these ritual murders, we citizens or government which till now has not been able to wipe out this monstrous practice from our society.

Lust of money and property has grown so much that for eliminating any possible event of inheriting the due share of property, widows are being encouraged, brain washed and many a times forced to accompany their dead husbands on the burning pyre.

All this makes me to say what a beautiful job we Indians and Indian government is doing by making women walk on the age old murder ritual while on the other side we are talking about women reservation and women freedom and liberty. Shows how hypocritical we are.

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