Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

Scandals of the bygone era – Episodes from the 19th century

History is replete with shocking scandals, especially those that rocked the royalty and artists of the time. We bring you ...

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Lisa McPherson and Scientology

4 Religious Scandals that shocked the world

When it comes to religion, even the slightest controversy tends to have a snowballing effect that spreads rapidly around the ...

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Donald Sterling Tapes controversy

Scandals and controversies that made headlines in the world of sports

You take any sports you can find it marred by several controversies and scandals. Some of the controversies have actually ...

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Woman with cup

Health concerns that started out as conspiracy theories but turned out to somewhat true

Internet has made information accessible and opened our minds to alternatives that lead us to question trusted establishments. We bring ...

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Josef Fritzl

Historical figures whose memory has survived in their terrible deeds

History is replete with people who became famous for all the wrong reasons. They manipulated, killed and used power to ...

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Glaxo Wellcome

Dumbest acquisitions ever made

Companies always do reasonable research into prospect before acquiring another business, yet often they end up losing more than they ...

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Grilled South American premium beef New York steak on grill pan

Controversies that have a grip on the world of food and nutrition

Controversies about food keep emerging. These controversies are not limited to just bugs in the can or ingredients beyond permissible ...

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The Mystery of Area 51

Bizarre proof people give to justify alien existence

Humans have always yearned to know if there is company out there in outer space. People have tried to gather ...

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quantum mechanics

Popular scientific theories that caused huge debates

Where there is science there are discoveries and there isa difference of opinion on various theories. Some of the differences ...

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Robert Falcon Scott, a navel cadet from England

5 Controversial expeditions to the North and South Poles

The North and South Poles are considered to be the deadliest places on earth, thanks to subzero freezing temperatures, unpredictable ...

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2002 Winter Olympics

5 Winter Olympic Controversies that shocked the sporting world

No sports competition is without its share of controversies. However, some controversies are said to be so deep that they ...

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The Anarchist Cookbook – William Powell

5 of the Most Controversial Books in World History

Over the years, many books have been banned owing to their controversial content. Even though these books turned out to ...

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