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8-yr-old boy is ‘Mini serial killer’ in Bihar

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In a shocking disclosure, an eight-year-old boy is identified as serial killer in Musahari village, Begusarai, Bihar. According to the report, Amarjeet Sada has reportedly killed his 9-month-old sister and a cousin sister.

This is being said that he has killed one another boy in recent past. Everyone is looking surprised in Begusarai and one question is rising in people’s mind that how an 8-year-old boy can become a serial killer in such a small age and what is the motivation factor in boy’s mind behind the killings.

People caught Amarjeet when he killed another girl child in his village. According to Shatrudhan, a Bihar Police Inspector, Amarjeet said that he accompanied the child in the field outside the village and started hitting him with stone and killed the kid.

The police said later that Amarjeet actually smashed the heads of the children he killed with bricks. He even tried to hide the dead bodies of his victims.

The shocking serial killing case is giving sleepless nights to police who are already puzzled and eager to investigate the motive behind the crime that was being done by an eight-year-old boy.

His latest victim seems to be six-month-old Khushboo. When Khusboo’s mother Chunchun Devi found her missing, Amarjeet reportedly admitted that he had killed the baby. Later, he led people to the place where he had hidden body.


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