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Widowhood…A Curse

vrindavan widows

Indian women lose their identity to their husbands the day they get married. So if the husband leaves his wife or passes away, the lady loses her identity and is subjected to all kinds of societal hardships.

Leading the life of a widow is a very ghastly experience. Ask those who are going through it all. Specially mentioning the widows who in the name of god and salvation decide to spend the rest of their lives in vrindavan and haridwar.

I have seen it myself, widows in a broad age group of 17 to 80 or may be 90. Clad in white sarees, underfed and malnourished, their heads shaven, the lot is sexually exploited by Sadhu babas and flesh trade flourishes in full vigor. Every thing happens in the name of salvation and god.

Try talking to them, they don’t open up that easily. Their mouths are sealed and the only words they utter are hare Ram, hare Krishna.

I personally feel that they hardly live…I mean they only breathe…lead a life full of shame and disrespect only because they think they are harbingers of misfortunes.

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