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Why the extra marital affairs and divorce rate increasing in India?

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Nowadays the Young Indian are still conservative in side but boast they are modern out side.
They say it was their sole decision to get married .They pretend its their personal decision on choosing their spouse.
But the reality is ….its the society that decides their marriage indirectly.

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I have seen many couples marry for the sake of getting married but doesn’t really love the spouse.
When I asked about this to my friend who got her divorce recently.
This is what she told…

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“I had no choice, my parents insisted me to get married soon.so I chose the groom within next week,and got married within 3 months.
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I understood that we had nothing in common when we came close.He insisted me to work after marriage,which I denied clearly before marriage,to which he accepted.But latter he harassed me for money.So I was left with no choice other than breaking the marriage”

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These kind of marriages may lead to extra marital affairs that in turn lead to the increase in murder rate and illegal activities which we can see in latests news.
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Why should one marry just for the sake of it?
Its better to wait for the one u really like/love or
best just let it go .
why to chose what ever comes the way just for the sake of getting married.

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