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Why is India Great?

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What is the reason behind immortality of Bharat? For thousands of years, how our country India has tolerated slaughtering of Human Beings, loots and manner less deeds by foreign invaders? There is definitely something that has made India great, tolerant and powerful. If you ask anyone, “Is India great?”, his answer would be, “yes”. Children shout loudly My India Is Great ! A leader says during his speech — My India Is Great ! When seasons of patriotism like 15 August or 26 Jan. come, then everywhere its visible — My India Is Great ! Since my childhood, I have listened for so many times — My India Is Great !

On Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, a Prabhaat Pheri used to pass and we were also being taught to say loudly, Mahatma Gandhi ZINDABAAD, vande matram, I love my India, India is great ! etc. holding a National Flag in our hands. At that stage of my life, I was not aware of the importance of TIRANGA and didn’t even know the meaning of VANDE MATRAM and My India Is Great !, which we were shouting loudly. I just loved saying and doing that.

Since my childhood, my attitude is to put a question mark after every topic. In every topic, my attitude is to ask  what, why, how etc. One day, I heard my madam saying, My India Is Great !. I responded quickly and asked, “Why?”. She got frustrated and shouted, “What do you mean by – WHY?… If I am saying it is so, then it is so. “I inquired further, “Maam ! there must be some good reasons behind the greatness of India. Why is India Great?” She said, “This is a big country, there are so many languages, there are so many seasons, there are so many religions, there are so many rivers, there are so many mountains, there are so many people, there are so many traditions, there are so many dresses, there are so many dishes, there are so many ‘this’, there are so many ‘that’. Likewise, she started telling many ‘so manies’. But, except one or two ‘so manies’, any other fact didn’t give me a satisfactory answer. This thing pinched me a lot. From that very day, I started finding, “Why is India Great?

And today, after some research, I can tell you answer of this question. Before reading this piece of article, this fact spoken by you that My India Is Great ! was just like a base less building which might be fallen by the storm of suspections because its written in our scriptures “SANSHAYATMA VINASHYATI“.

And this article will put an end to all your doubts and then you can say with a pure heart, My India Is Great !

India is the most ancient land in the world. Can anybody tell how old India and Sanatan Dharma are? According to Indian philosophy, the definition of Dharma is SANATAN, which neither has a beginning, nor an end. That is immortal and more than that living in a place, which is world’s most ancient and immortal religion is a matter of pride and honour. That is why —

My India Is Great !

Indian culture says, “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM“, which means the whole world is my family. India has such a great lesson for the world. This is the reason why — My India Is Great !

India prays :

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramaya,
Sarve bhadraani pashyantu, Ma kashchid dukh bhagbhavet

This couplet explains that may everyone be happy, may everyone be healthy, everyone looks for others’ good will and there should be no grief. Bharat is the only country where people pray so. That’s why, I can say — My India Is Great !

Dharma dhvajaa ka vaahak, Ganga ka prachin kinaara hai,
Devoon ko bhi durlabh hai jo, Aisa desh hamaara hai

In only India, a miraculous river Ganges flows which turns a sinner into a pious and pure soul. Today, our modern scientists have also proved that the water of river Ganges has such a super natural power, if it is kept in an open or a closed vessel even for millions of years, it wouldn’t be affected by any infection. It will always remain pure. From where does a river get qualities? Obviously from soil. I means, our soil itself has such qualities which can purify anything.

When Swami Vivekananda returned back to India from America, he rushed quickly moving the crowd aside and started kissing the soil of India just after the Air craft landed on the Indian land. Seeing the people getting amazed, he told them that by doing this, he is making himself pure as after a foreign tour for such a long time, he has become impious. A country where its citizens start their morning by putting its soil on their foreheads as a token of respect for their country and a country whose brave soldiers sacrifice their lives with a smile on their faces only by getting strength by holding the Indian soil in their hands, that country must be a great. That’s why — My India Is Great !

India is the Universal Teacher. History is the witness itself that when the whole world was ruled by Uncultured Civilizations, at that time also in India, Universities like Takshshila and Nalanda were lightening the whole world with its knowledge. That’s why — My India Is Great !

India was a Golden bird. India was rich, happy and a prosperous country. This was the reason why India was robbed by foreign invaders for centuries. But even then also, our country tolerated this loss. This is the greatness of India. That’s why — My India Is Great !

India science is the real science. Only Indian science can justify the evolution of the Universe. Today’s modern science is base less. Sometimes it gives a theory, and just after that, it changes the same. Today, earth’s age is something, yesterday, it was different, and tomorrow it will be something else. What can be concluded from this? I remember when I was in class Ninth, I purchased a reference book for science which was one year old edition. I prepared my exams from that book and I wrote 109 chemical elements in my chemistry exam. I got 99 marks and I saw that only that particular question was wrong. I asked the teacher and she told me, Son, there are two more elements discovered recently. Now there are 111 elements in the new edition. Indian science has explained every subject correctly and nothing is left incomplete.

Our modern scientists imagine things on their own and give their own clarifications. They cant digest the honour of India, they cant tolerate and to to hide their inferiority complex, they don’t give any credit to India for her discoveries and inventions. They blow their own trumpet. This is just like the situation when you tell someone the right way, he would go to the wrong direction only because of his inferiority feeling.

It has been clearly written in our Scriptures about each and every fact of nature. But still they say, “Nature is mysterious!“, why? Our ancient literatures give clear information about moon and other planets and if you howsoever succeed to land over a high peak of any mountain on the Moon and see nobody their from the top of that mountain, you’ll come here and shout — there is no life on Moon.

What have the foreigners done? Some clever and self centered scientists have made fool of our Indian science. They diverted our minds towards other things and modified our knowledge in their own way they converted the name OSHGEN to OXYGEN, UDAGEN to HYDROGEN and Baudhayan Prameya to Pythagoras Theorem. Mendeleef made a periodic table but after some years, it failed and then Modern Periodic table came. But this is not sure that it can not be failed some day.

Can you give me a good reason why any Indian law hasn’t failed yet. Our Indian Science is the same as it used to be in ancient times. Our Indian Science is the perfectly approved Science. That’s why — My India Is Great !

In our history, India has never invaded any country. India has never established colonies in any country. In spite of being powerful, India has never exploited any country. When India and Pakistan got separated, even India gave Pakistan a lot of financial support. When LTTE played havoc in Sri Lanka, India sent her Peace-Army there. That’s why — My India Is Great !

In the whole world, only India has the science to predict future i.e. Astrology ( Jyotish ), and the past also. India doesn’t need any TIME MACHINE. That’s why — My India Is Great !

Architecture Science was first introduced in India. India has a unique art called Vaastu Shastra. With the help of Vaastu Shastra, we can get the positive influence of Sun and other heavenly objects. That’s why — My India Is Great !

Only India has the Medicine Science which has no side effects. This Medicine Science is called Ayurveda. The modern Science can make the microbes inactive for some time, or if kills them, it has many side effects. But, the Ayurveda cures the diseases from their roots. Today’s surgical Science is the gift of India to the world. Sushruta was the father of Surgery. 2600 years ago, Sushruta did so many complicated surgeries like Sigerian etc. successfully. More than 100 tools were used in these surgeries. In our holy books, we can find information about Etiology, Embryology, Digestion, Metabolism, Genetics and treatments for incurable diseases. That’s why — My India Is Great !

5000 years ago, when there were civilizations dominated by uncultured tribal people, India developed civilizations like SINDHU GHATI. That’s why — My India Is Great !

Once a person said, “The contribution of your country is Zero ! ( He meant that my contribution of my country to the world was ‘nothing’, as the real History of Bharat is changed by invaders. ) I remembered these lines of a famous Bollywood Movie’s song:

Jab ZERO dia mere Bharat ne,
Bharat ne mere Bharat ne,
Duniya ko tab ginti aayi,
Taaroon ki bhasha Bharat ne
Duniya ko pehle sikhlaayi.
Deta na dashamlava Bharat to,

Yun Chand pe jaana mushkil tha,

Dharti aur Chand ki doori ka,

Andaaza lagaana mushkil tha.
Sabhyata jahaan pehle aayi,
Pehle janmi hai jahaan pe kalaa,

Apna Bharat wo Bharat hai,

Jiske peeche sansaar chala
Sansaar chalaa aur aage badhaa,
Yun aage badha badhataa hi gayaa,

Bhagwaan kare ye aur badhe,|
Badhta hi rahe aur phoole phale.

India has invented the number system. In 5th century, Aryabhatta used “Zero” for the first time. India gave the system of decimal to the world. That’s why — My India Is Great !

All European languages are derived from Sanskrit language. According to the Forbe’s Magazine ( July 1987 ) of Germany, Sanskrit is the best suitable language for computer software.

When was the electricity discovered? Almost a century ago? No !

There is clear definition given in our ancient Holy Scriptures of Electricity, Power, Magnetism, Heat, Light, Sound, Ether. Even the theory of Atomic mixture was in our knowledge from ancient time. Mathematician Chandrashekhar calculated the size of the biggest star. Now, scientists call that as Chandrashekhar Limit. Ramanujan was great Mathematician who discovered the probability theory with Prof. Hardy of Cambridge University. Hardy gave 100 of 100 for Ramanujan’s ability whereas he gave himself only 25.

Only India was the only one, which had use of Gems and Stones. IEEE, which is situated in America has proved that Prof. Jagdishchandra Basu was the inventor of Wire Less Communication System, not Marconi, about which, the scientists of the whole world were confused. The construction of Dams for irrigation was done in Saurashtra ( India ) for the first time. Sudarshana Lake which is on Raivatak Mountains was made in the time period of Chandragupta Maurya. The concept of ‘Chess’ was first given by India only. That’s why — My India Is Great !

Baoudhayana has found out the Theory of Pythagoras Theorem. He did this in 6th century BC. Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus is a gift of India to the World. Sridharacharya explained Quadratic Equation in 11th Century. The maximum mathematical number used by Greeks and Romans was 106 whereas 5000 years ago, our mathematicians used huge numbers like 1053 with each number having a particular terminology. Today, the highest commonly used number is Tera ( 1012 ). Do you know, who discovered America? Christofer Columbus? No! The samples of Indian art obtained from Ajtis Devalayas prove that Indians were the first to go to America. That’s why — My India Is Great !

Was India discovered by Vasco Di Gama? No ! An Indian sailor lead his ship from Africa to South India. Who discovered the concept of Gravitational force? Newton? Again the answer is No ! Famous Astronomers Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya were aware of this concept. Concept of Navigation evolved in Indus River 5000 years ago. The English word Navigation is derived from Sanskrit word Navgatih. Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by Earth for one revolution of Sun i.e. 365.258756484 days. He calculated this time period even before the Astrologer Smart many years before its re-discovery. Mathematician calculated the value of ‘pi’ for the first time.

So, come forward to awake our self confidence. Why cant we be capable to do what our ancestors did.

My India is Great !

Arun Singh

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  • Arun Singh

    One side you talk about Vasudhev Kutumbakam, and on the other side you say “Other countries soil is not pure”. How come you say that? What your swami vivekanand did was a propaganda. He didn’t need to clean himself with the soil. And Sanatan Dharma has nothing to do with INDIA. Of course India is great. And I am Indian. But don’t mix up, and misguide people.
    INDIA welcomes all religions. INDIA is a great country. People like you misguide other people.
    And you can’t say “Only indian science is pure and real science”. That’s base less.
    There is no scientific research at all which says ” Ganga water is pure, ans so on..” like you said. That’s a rumour. It’s only river, like a normal river.

  • Arun Singh

    Chaddi me reh sale, nahi to …. samaj gaya na… Train me ghumne layak bhi nahi rahega. Original Chhakka….. Ha ha ha

  • VenkatChari

    Cudos my dear! Hats off to you. A very good article. My India is really great!!

  • VenkatChari

    I wonder why there have been no comments on this post since I posted one two months back! Why our Indians are very reluctant study articles like this? If you post some article on a bollywood movie or on some corruption,etc. thousands of readers will comment their feelings on those things. But for patriotism, no body comes forth with any eager and emotion to say “My India Is Great” or ” I Love To Be Indian”!!!

  • Rahul

    I am proud to be an Indian…

  • Tom

    lovely 🙂

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