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What is the U.S – India nuclear deal all about? why are the public not told about it clearly?

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It all started in August 2007 when there was an agreement made between the U.S.President Bush and Indian Prime minister Manmohan Sing on civilian nuclear cooperation.
In a nut shell they call the agreement a peace keeper which prevents the spread of nuclear weapons.

The following are the terms of the deal:
1.India agrees to allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog group, access to its civilian nuclear program.-meaning Military facilities—and stockpiles of nuclear fuel that India has produced up to now—will be exempt from inspections or safeguards.
2.India commits to signing an Additional Protocol,which allows more intrusive IAEA inspections—or its civilian facilities.
3.India agrees to continue its temprory prohibition on nuclear weapons testing.
4.India commits to strengthening the security of its nuclear arsenals(weapon storage).
5.India works with the United States banning the production of fissile material for weapons purposes .India agrees to prevent the spread of enrichment and reprocessing technologies to states that don’t possess them and to support international nonproliferation efforts.
6.U.S. companies will be allowed to build nuclear reactors in India and provide nuclear fuel for its civilian energy program.-(opening a door for USA boss to have control over India).As we all know if they supply the nuclear materials then our whole economic market may come under their power.

U may ask me why is India signing the agreement ?
Here is what India gets in return:India would be eligible to buy materials from USA for making NUCLEAR BOMBS* and also imported fuels for the nuclear reactors.
But its real reason is If USA could get closer with India Using this deal they could stop the Growing Asian star”China”.on the whole they may have a say over Asian Issues (on all issues I suppose)

Even though the Indian government says its Nuclear deal is going to help in developing its energy and technology ,India has more cost effective energy forms like electricity and coal.
what they keep as a secret is the Nuclear deal is for making more nuclear bombs.

As a result of this nuclear deal -for the reason stated above ,We stand a strong chance of having a nuclear rivalry with Our neighbor China.Even though against the will of India.
Secondly We may also have a chance of getting in a rivalry with our other neighbour Pakisthan ,who have not received any invite for such a deal from USA.

If this deal is by the following:
1’stly- IAEA-International Atomic Energy Association this is what has happened now which made the left withdraw its support from UPA.
2’ndly -India’s Parliament-Which if they prove their majority tomorrow they would approve of it immediately.
3dly-The Nuclear Suppliers Group. The NSG-which the USA will convince.
Finally the USA Congress.-Which Bush govt will convince before leaving his seat.
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Yes,It is natural for every one of us to ask ,why such a rush….?
Yes here the Indian govt and there the USA govt are both in end term of their periods,Still why such hurry?…
We have to wait and watch.

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