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War on Gaza

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After six days of the war that was launched by Israel on Gaza, number of casualties has reached its highest ever. 420 were killed and more than 2000 were injured, 250 of them are serious. Tens of air strikes were committed by Israeli air forces targeting almost everything in Gaza Strip. Security and police buildings, government and ministries, charity associations of Hamas, municipalities, universities, mosques, houses, and others were hardly and aggressively hit during these six days.

The announced goals of Israel are changing the security situation in Gaza and remove or at least weaken Hamas. However, these goals remain unreached and still away from achieving in the near future. The sequence of killing Palestinians varies from policemen to children and women. The war in Gaza has another face which was and still witnessed in Israeli cities by feeling and experiencing the Grad rockets falling on many cities on a range between 40-60 Kms away from Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian resistance has targeted many Israeli cities for the first time ever. People in Gaza are suffering from the deteriorated humanitarian situation that is due to collapse completely. No fuel, no electricity supply, no food, and no medical supplies because of the siege and closure that is forced by Israel as well as Egypt. Some humanitarian and medical aids were allowed to enter Gaza through Kerm Shalum and Rafah but these aids are barley covering the huge shortage of everything in Gaza.

The Arabian and Islamic and even international image outside Gaza is showing huge support and sympathize on the people level. However, on the official level, the image is shameful. Even though, Gaza is standing alone and will never fall.
Despite all that and in all meanings, this war will change the Palestinian Israeli conflict face forever.

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    That Palestinian is using a child as a human shield. How do the Palestinians get away with such was crimes!

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