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Things to consider when picking a retirement destination

[box_dark]Retiring abroad may seem like a glamorous option when you’re leafing through brochures but there are a lot of things that you should consider before investing in a retired life away from your home.[/box_dark]


A lot of countries are not considered safe for senior citizens living alone. When picking a retirement destination, check the stats for crimes against seniors to see how secure you would be should you choose to buy or rent a house there.


Ex-pat community

Most retirees who choose to live abroad often suffer from homesickness. This is why you should check out whether your retirement destination has a sizable ex-pat community from your nation or not.


Eldercare systems

Many countries are more considerate of the elderly than the others. You too can take advantage of the benefits that seniors are entitled to in these countries by retiring there.


Cost of living

Even if you get a chunk of retirement benefits at one go, you should consider the cost of living of a country before you move abroad to retire. Living in a country with a high cost of living can leave you stranded in a foreign land without any money in your later years!


Distance from home

An ideal retirement destination would be one that allows you to hop on a flight and make it home in less than 12 hours. This will ensure that you can still visit your family and friends at every event.


Medicare systems

Most senior citizens will face a number of health problems in their later years. This means that the country you retire to needs to have a good medical care system with world class clinics and hospitals as well as a reasonable health insurance infrastructure in place.


Tax exemptions

Countries like Ireland offer lavish tax exemptions for senior citizens which allows retirees on a budget to live relatively lavishly without paying a chunk of their fixed income in taxes.


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    Good tips. One should consider all these factors in choosing retirement destination. One more thing to be considered is entertainment and recreational facilities available for passage of time which is also of much importance.

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