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The Wars between India and Pakistan (In pictures)

1947- First Kashmir War

indo pakistan war 1947 kadish war action FZZAf 162
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Scene of the First Kadish War Action
Jammu and Kashmir was one of the many Indian states recognized by the British. Both India and Pakistan laid claims to the state. The Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh wanted to remain independent by deploying dilatory tactics.

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At the time of British withdrawal the state was occupied by the pro-Pakistani tribals from the North West Frontier Province as well as by Pakistani troops. This forced the Maharaja to opt for India and the latter rushed troops into the region. Thus the war began. Till date Pakistan claims that since the majority are Muslims Pakistan has a better claim to it. But India says that 48% belong to other communities like Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus etc.

indo pakistani war 1947 dogra officer slaughter QI
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Dogra officers slaughtered during the war:
The advantage was apparently with the Pakistani supported local paramilitary known as the Azad Kashmir force. Azad means ‘free’. Pakistan was of the view that with the increase in hostilities the ratio in favour of Pakistan would increase. Before the war the forces of Jammu and Kashmir were spread around the border as a response to militant activity. The British were suspected of having a hand in the arrest and murder of a Dogra Officer in the Gilgit region for supporting the tribal Islamic factions.

0464 JgeR8 16298
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Heroes Together:
Two Generals in Thought: Lieutenant General (later Field Marshal and the first Indian Army Chief) K.M. Cariappa with Lieutenant General (later General and Army Chief) S.M. Srinagesh across Zoji La. Circa November 1948.

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Commemorating the 1947-48 Indo-Pakistan Conflict; Gumari Camp, near Zoji La pass

1947 klcFe 16298
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It was a time of mass migration, uncertainty and bloodshed

1965- Second Kashmir War

800px paff 86s n5Y63 16298
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PAF F-86 aircraft which took part in the war

ssg commandos parachute drop X4uIc 16298
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Pakistani troops drop from a C-130 Hercules

1a jpg zbgyC 16298
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Pakistani soldiers in defensive position

indo pakistani war 1965 paf 1EFXJ 16298
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Cam Shots of PAF craft being shot down by an IAF Gnat

indo pakistani war 1965 indian corps sgUrp 16298
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Few casualties during the war.
The war was heading for a stalemate with both nations holding territory of the other. India suffered the loss of 3000 on the field while Pakistan suffered no less than 3,800. India came to occupy 710 miles (1,840 square miles) of Pakistani territory while the latter held 210 miles (545 square miles) of Indian territory, mostly in Chumb in the north sector.

65war tankin JVzqV 16298
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Pakistani troops in action: A dramatic picture of tank infantry assault on the Lahore front.

1971- Bangladesh Liberation War

indo pakistani war 1971 submarine syVe7 16298
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In the east India joined hands with the Mukti Bahini to form the Mitro Bahini (Allied Forces) and an impressive air, sea and land attack was made on East Pakistan.

sulemanki pHw1m 16298
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Pakistani soldiers over running enemy position in Sulemanki sector during the 1971 war.

f 104 b6hz5 16298
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Pakistani Air Force F-104 Starfighters

hunters bombing 71Psc 16298
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IAF Hunters On Bombing Run

indo pakistani war 1971 dhaka massacre 7d2KO 16298
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Soldier and Civilian brutally murdered. Approximately one to three millon people were killed during the war.

1971 surrender MHeP9 16298
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Lt. Gen A. A. K. Niazi signs the instrument of surrender on December 16, surrendering his forces to Lt. Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora.

1999-Kargil War
kargil ft0012522 CmblA 16298
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A Pakistan Army Type-59 130 mm gun at Mushung (05.Jun.1999) during the Kargil War. Pakistani troops were able to bring down effective artillery fire on Indian positions through much of the conflict, since they commanded all heights.

war xyv9T 16298
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Indian Soldiers fighting at Kargil

0550 RAw7D 16298
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Pinaka MBRL indegeniously developed used during Kargil war.

kargil8 Rg32B 16298
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The Bofors Fh-77B was being used in direct fire mode on Tiger Hill.

0300 f1Rzh 16298
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Now pray for peace: Jawans from the 2nd Rajputana Rifles pray before going into battle, to get back Tololing Top, held by the enemy.

ibn p93hh P93HH 16298
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The historical win.

At last, i thank all the photographers who captured these precious moments, making us familiar about what would have been buried under the dust of history.

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