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The Success of the Universal Basic education in Nigeria

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Funding of home economics education for the success for the universal basic eduction.


Obioma (2006), observed that the culture of globalization has given to new social and economic polices and priorities.

Two goal clusters have become prominent in the global reform context. These are the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the Education-for-all (EFA) Goals. The MDG’s are: Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger; Achievement of universal Primary Education; etc

The EFA goals interlock with the MDG’s and also drive the direction in education development globally.

Nigeria as a signatory to both the MDG’s and EFA goals adopted the National Economic Empowerment and Development strategy

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  • Uba Babs

    The Universal Basic Education in Nigeria has at least been successful to an extent being that it has been able to affect the rural areas to an extent by bring education to the grass root sector of the country.