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The story of Mexican crabs and Mexican’ts

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I would like to share a tale with you that is ofton told within my country as a way of summing up our problems in society. It is a common story which crosses borders, languages, race and creed. In Mexico it is considered our own, for the world it may simply be considered Human.

In a small town in Veracruz a tourist observed a local fisherman with great curiousity and fascination. The fisherman, everytime he would catch a crab, would look at the colors, eyes, and belly, before placing it in one of two pots.

After hours of watching the Mexican fisherman repeat the same task over and over again, the tourist noticed one pot was always covered immediatly with a lid and two stones, while the other was left open. No longer able to contain his curiousity, the tourist walked over, greeted the kind, old fisherman and requested an explanation of his criteria for the crab and pot selections.

The fisherman seemed to think it was obvious, but gladly explained. All foreign crab must be placed in a pot and covered immediatly. He explained they are strong and wise, if the pot were not covered, they would quickly form a pile to help and insure every last one escape from the pot.

As the tourist looked at the other pot, he noticed a lone crab just make it to the top of the pot, before he was pulled back into the pile by the other crabs. Confused, the tourist, began to question the fisherman, but before he could, the old man explained. The crabs were Mexican and did not need to be covered, for they would themselves assure that no one crab would make it out of the pot.

It is a sad story, but very real. We have become a nation of Mexican’ts who through greed, envy, violence, and killing are assuring no one goes above and beyond our self contained pot. We must unite to insure we all become wise and capable, thus allowing us to replace our MexiCAN’T habitat pot with a glorious MexiCAN nation.

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