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The Shiney Rape case Appeal Accelerated by HC

[box_dark]The Shiney Rape case Appeal Accelerated by HC [/box_dark]

Shiney Ahuja and ‘company’ might finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to the new trend of acceleration by the Bombay High Court. As always happens, cases which transpired twelve years ago were finally being heard this year, a fact which has been thrown in sharp relief by the actor. In such an event, he was quick to appeal and request against the conviction that was handed by a Lower Court.

In a rather dramatic scene of change, Shiney’s pleas have finally been heard and the High Court has finally granted bail. A look at the highlights of the case.

[box_dark]A Rape to Remember[/box_dark]

One of the reasons why Shiney brought the failure of the Court’s system to light was because charges and convictions against his raping the domestic help has been doing its rounds for the last couple of years. His appeals have thrown into light his constant requests for staring a new life post being a criminal.

This move to the High Court for an appeal took place after Shiney was sentenced to about seven years of gaol in the year 2011 by a lower sessions court. However, that could hardly be called reason enough for the appeal to be granted by the High Court. The real drama started when the trial in the sessions court unfolded.

[box_dark]The Twist in the Case[/box_dark]

One of the first things which were noticed while the trial proceeded in the fast track court was the hostility of the victim, which is the domestic help whom Shiney had supposedly raped. Such a move almost hinted toward the previously existing charges to be dropped.

The next thing that transpired was how some of the most crucial reports magically pointed against Shiney being guilty. After the domestic help’s evidence was plied away, the test results, such as the DNA tests were seen to point toward Shiney being innocent. Other circumstantial evidence were also deemed to be irrelevant, proving that Shiney may not have been guilty after all.

His appeal and many more details were respectively looked closely into by Justice A M Thipsay. Though a formal hearing is scheduled for December, Thipsay has pointed out that since no evidence exists, earlier convictions may not be valid anymore. The final decision will of course come after subsequent arguments have been made by both parties.

Shiney Ahuja, who starred in movies such as “Woh Lamhe” and “Gangster” is therefore yet to be free!

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  • VenkatChari

    It is very unfortunate that innocent persons have to face criminal charges and imprisonment at times due to hasty conclusions of the law.

  • prasad

    Shiny is not innocent.He has paid lot of money to the girl…….tommorrow the people will say that the delhi girl had consesus sex with 5 biharis……why is she in ventilator?

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