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The Morning shows the day

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Morning shows the day.
These days I am humming an old number.
Azi rooth ker ub kahan jaiyega
Jahan jaiyega
Humain paeiyega

The repeated fractured mandate shows that our national parties have run out of universal appeal. So instead of specialty restaurants we are having a multi cuisine buffets with plenty of leftovers all tossed together & served piping hot with creative names having neither substance nor meaning & sure to give the customers lots of trouble.

This reminds me of the last days of mogul empire when the emperor’s writ did not run beyond Delhi. The country was ruled by warlords & powerful satraps all at each other’s throats all the time giving first a beach head & then a license to loot to East- India Company.

It is sad that we have learnt nothing from the history. The rag tag coalition going to be formed will be utterly rudderless. With the captain of the ship taking orders from the owner located on shore ,the backseat driving & the crew doing there own thing will leave the ship, cargo and passengers at the mercy of pirates & nature.

I am sure the minority government will simply go on a huge spending spree. If the cost of servicing the budget will be more than GDP growth rate, then we will be in for a huge cheat fund or will it be a ponzi scheme?

The result will be one & the same. The scam esters will laugh their way to bank & investors will lose their modesty.The sevayats in charge of deity will try to first recoup the auction money & will then go on to build up a war chest as this experiments like the earlier ones will become ineffective after 2-3 years.

It will be a miracle if it serves the full term.I once again feel that if the two national parties unite they can do wonders. But god has given huge ego to man for nothing.

I am reasonably sure that the history will repeat it self.
Though will be very happy if proved wrong.

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