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Teen Pregnancy – A Trauma Beyond Expectations

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Teenagers today are cult followers living in a world made of rock and roll dreams, refusing to acknowledge time tested support systems to fall back upon when things go wrong. Cases of teen pregnancy have become everyday feature in the western world thanks to the ultra modern outlook of the society where conservative lifestyles are a thing of past and teenagers take pride in breaking the norms of the civilized culture.

Kudos to the internet for unleashing sexual revolution to our rooms as experimenting with sex has become the norm of the day for teenagers across the world and words describing sex as a taboo have become obsolete. The transition of internet technology from developed to the developing and under developed countries has made teenage sex a household name breaking all barriers of sense and sensibility.

Now that the wave of teen pregnancy is taking shape of a Tsunami and hitting the shores of countries with varied cultures across the world it is becoming increasingly important to educate the teenagers and parents belonging to various sections of the society about the complications and health risks arising out of these premature pregnancies.

Babies born from pre mature mothers tend to have low birth weight as teenage mothers are not emotionally or physically equipped to carry the child. A teenage mother is unlikely to get a strong support system from the family members exposing her and the child to various illnesses.

Infants born out of such pregnancies can suffer from congenital malfunctions and teenage mothers become prone to hypertension and anemia.
Pregnant teens are at a risk of going into premature labor which can be dangerous for the teen mother and the baby. The premature labor can result in abdominal cramps, backache, irregular vaginal discharge and contraction.

Practicing safe sex is the first step to avoid premature pregnancy as prevention is always better than cure and indulging in any kind of unsafe experimenting can only make things worse. Teenage girls with irregular periods or symptoms of nausea and vomiting must go in for a pregnancy test to be sure of any complications arising out of the diagnosis.

By avoiding teenage pregnancies the environment friendly teenagers will leave their carbon footprints and go a long way in contributing to the cause of global warning.
It is the collective responsibility of teenagers and parents to ensure that the gen next gets to see a living planet full of possibilities and healthy environment.

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