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Snoop Dogg Becomes A Muslim?

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There is a lot of rumors going around that Snoop Dogg has converted to Islam. The legendary rapper recently meet with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and congratulated him for his service and donated a staggering $1,000 to the organization. Snoop also stated that he intends to continue to seek out the man for consultation.

When asked if he was a member of a the institution, Snoop replied that he has always been in a sense that he is an honorary member because he works for peace.

Therefore, Snoop has not become a Muslim. The rumor is false. And even if he did join the Nation of Islam, most Muslim do not consider the institution to be an Islamic organization. The Nation of Islam has two main features that are antithetical to Islam.

First, it is based on a very exclusive and dogmatic Black nationalism that almost preaches that Black Muslims are superior to all other believers. Such a view is entirely in conflict with Islam’s humanistic message of equality.

Malcome X was famously a Black Pantheresque nationalist when he was in the Nation, but then left the organization after visiting Mecca and hearing the true message of Islam. X has previously stated his hatred for Whites, but famously stated in an airport press conference that he learned about the real Islam and meet with Muslims from around the world during the Hajj.

For his embrace of the real Islam, X was assassinated by extremist Nation of Islam members. Further, the Nation promotes Farrakhan as almost a prophet. Whatever Farrakhan’s status, his idol like position is a form of heresy in Islam. The Nation of Islam is not considered a Muslim organization by most Muslims and no Islamic institutions – Al-Azhar et al – consider them members of the Umma.

And Farrakhan is a grotesque anti-Semite who has attacked Jews repeatedly in his career. Contrary to what some may say, there is no grounding in Islam for such hateful views. His message of hate further sinks the Nation in the eyes of real Muslims. And although irrelevant to the issue of authentic Islam, Farrakhan is an insane conspiracy theorist who believes the U.S. government is responsible for infecting the Black community with AIDS and other nonsense. This guy is without a doubt an insane mega-manic who deserves nothing but scorn.

So if Snoop every wants to be a Muslim, he should not mingle with the likes of Farrakhan and simply pick up the Qur’an and read it himself.

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