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Size zero: Bliss or curse?

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Skeleton look is better known as “size zero” in the glamour world. Not only the international models, but Indian models and Bollywood stars are also mad for this. The concept behind this “size zero” is that, it looks stylish, sexy and trendy. May be right, but is it really that much desired? Inspired by all these, many teenagers follow strict diet with heavy exercise just to get that look. Some even take the help of drugs and smoke to get thinner. They can get that look, but at the expense of good health. In doing so, all do forget that “health is wealth”. When they’ll realize, it would be too late. It may lead to anorexia- a state of extreme weakness and internal disorders followed by food disorder. What should we call this, bliss, or curse?

When many international fashion houses are making a ban on the extra-thin models, Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor is crazy for the matchstick figure. She has revealed her desire to attain that zero size. Many delicate minds get inspiration from her and try their best to be thinner and thinner.

Most recently, the death of Luisel Ramos just after a catwalk has shocked many in the fashion industry. It was a heart attack caused by eating only leaves for a long time. Many health organizations are now demanding some legal action to protect the health of fashion icons. It sounds great.

So dear Kareena, please give up this habit now and stop making charm over the poor little girls. Because half of the Indians are starving for food, if this trend persists, all will starve together.

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