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Richest politicians in India

Owning money isn’t all that funny if for a certain section of your assets, you have no legal or logical explanations, available. The string of controversies involving disproportionate assets owned by Indian politicians is a testimony to that. However, it cannot be said with absolute certainty that all rich politicians of India own wealth that is virtually unaccountable for. Keeping such considerations in mind, here is a list of the richest politicians in India.

T.Subbarama Reddy

Political Party: Indian National Congress

Position: Member of Parliament

Net Worth: Rs. 239.6 million

In case you are wondering how he became so rich, here’s a little background information. The business man turned politician has been in business for the past three decades. From construction to sugar- reddy has traded in a plethora of goods.

His contributions extend to the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar Project-the biggest dam in the world for which Reddy was awarded a Gold Medal by the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Last but not the least, the man has also founded the Hyderabad based Kodak Theatre, considered to be the best among Cinema theatres across the globe. Now that’s what you call a “wealth” of achievements.

Rahul Bajaj

Political Party: Independent

Position: Member of Parliament

Net Worth: Rs. 190.6 million

Money runs in his bloodline. The heir apparent to one of the biggest business groups in the country, Rahul Bajaj is what you call-born rich. He currently heads the Bajaj group which is credited with pumping out the choicest selection of vehicles for middle-class Indian citizens over the years.

Our rich man had his share of ups and downs when Indian Economy entered the phase of liberalization. The sudden decline in the sale of Bajaj scooters made matters worse. Analysts went to extent of forecasting the closure of Bajaj industries. Despite the odds, Bajaj re-established the company and in 2006, got elected to Rajya Sabha.

Jaya Bachchan

Political Party: Samajwadi Party

Position: Member of Parliament

Net Worth: Rs. 214.3 million

Hers is a home that packs together a one of the biggest superstars in the history of Indian cinema, a former miss world and a leading Bollywood actor. Now if we did not expect the lady of the house Mrs. Bachchan to be rich, who else could we?

In the years that followed, she impressed audiences with her lively and soulful portrayals of the girl-next-door. The lady and her family were hit hard when ABCL- Amitabh Bachchan’s dream of a company got bankrupt. However, lady luck seems to have reserved an extra corner in her heart for the Bachchan clan. Not only did Amitabh Bachchan manage to re-instate his position as an actor, but Jaya too appeared in a series of memorable roles after the ABCL debacle.

Together the duo own assets worth several crores. Apart from two properties in Mumbai, Jaya is the official owner of flats and agricultural lands in Bhopal.


Political Party: Bahujan Samaj Party

Position: Former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh

Net Worth: Rs. 111.64 million

Mayawati’s brush with money is something that we can dedicate pages after pages to. From appearing at birthday celebrations loaded with diamonds to owning disproportaionate assets cases, name it and the lady has done it all. Controversies involving money and Mayawati go a long way back.

For those who did not know, the former UP Chief Minister ranked among the nation’s top tax payers in 2001, paying a sum total of Rs 26 Crores as income tax. The CBI, upon smelling fish, filed a case against Mayawati alleging her of owning disproportionate assets. After all, money did not grow on trees and in case of Mayawati, it certainly didn’t. So what was her take on the fiasco? According to party officials, the income was derived primarily from gifts contributions made by supporters and party workers.

M. Krishnappa

Political Party: Indian National Congress

Position: Member of Legislative Assembly

Net Worth: Rs. 136 million

The rich MLA, unlike a majority of his counterparts elsewhere in India, owns above everything else, a website. However, that is probably the only area where Krishnappa has showed some difference from others. As for the rest, it is the same old story we have heard countless times before-of politicians thrust into the center of storm over disproportionate assets. Earlier this year, the police were directed by the Lokyukta court to investigate the allegations made against Krishnappa.

MM Ramaswamy

Political Party: Janata Dal

Position: Member of Parliament

Net Worth: Rs. 107.7 million

He is the man behind one of the biggest Universities in the country. No wonder then that MM Ramaswamy, the Janata Dal MP representing Karnataka in Rajya Sabha, has indeed got a “rich legacy”. The pro-chancellor of Annamalai University is also a noted industrialist with, hold your breaths now, 500 horse racing classic wins to his credit.

Anand Singh

Political Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Position: Member of legislative Assembly

Net Worth: Rs. 239 million

The Karnataka assembly is a place where money keeps rolling in and out. Ask why? After M.Krishnappa its turn now for Anand Singh to don the hat of one of India’s richest politicians. The BJP MLA from Vijaynagar is a mining baron. The man is also credited with building a reservoir in Bellary to honor his parents.

Anil V. Salgaocar

Political Party: Independent

Position: Member of Legislative assembly

Net Worth: Rs. 91.4 million

Salgaocar owns the Salgaocar Mining industries based in Goa. His company has interests in a wide range of fields including pharmaceuticals, industries and shipping and claims for a client base extending from Japan to Europe.

N. A Haris

Political Party: Indian National Congress

Position: Member of legislative Assembly

Net Worth: Rs. 85.3 million

Karnataka’s contribution to our list just seems unending. If M.Krishnappa and Anand Singh were rich, then Hari’s assets, at Rs. 85.3 million, are not bad either. He represents one of Bangalore’s most affluent centers in the Assembly. Wondering what made him so rich? With a hotel chain under his belt, does Haris still need to explain where he sources all his money from?

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