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Red Salute to our beloved Comred Jyoti Basu

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Red Salute to our beloved Comred Jyoti Basu.

Jyoti Basu passed away on 17th instant leaving crores (in India lac is a small donomination)of his followers. He was probably the most veteran political leader in our country. People’s love showered on Jyoti Basu and he became the crownless king of Bengal, India.

He born in a rich family in undivided Bengal (Village Bardi, now in Bangladesh after partition in 1914). He was a non practising Barister from London. His father was an practicing doctor in Bengal fron London. He Joined Communist Party of India after completion and returning from London and so he was briefless.

Though he was briefless and leader of the Railway Tade Unions and labourers but he maintained his royal life throughout his life till death.

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