The Sudarium of Oviedo

Famous historical relics held sacred by Catholics

It is a known fact that anything and everything even remotely connected to any God or major religious figure is ...

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Marilyn Monroe’s suicide

Major controversies that rocked Hollywood

Scandals are a part of showbiz, the media coverage and need for publicity prompts huge controversies. The most recent is ...

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woman holding her breasts

6 Unbelievable ‘objects’ that have been used as weapons to wound or kill

We have heard about murders being convicted with deadly weapons like guns, knives and so on. However, over the years, ...

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Apache Helicopter Gun firing

Most shocking and controversial leaks ever made by WikiLeaks

Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks brought to fore issue of handling sensitive information in the age of internet and the ...

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Barack Obama

4 Ridiculously inept attempts at damage control in political scandals

One thing is common with celebrities and politicians. Every single move of them is noted; every single mistake of theirs ...

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Ayman al-Zawahiri

Some of the most dangerous people that have walked the Earth

Humans can be worse than monsters if they go the wrong way. There are several people who have etched their ...

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Voynich Manuscript

5 Remarkably strange archeological discoveries

Over the years, a number of archaeological discoveries have made headlines for all the right and wrong reasons. While some ...

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Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

Scandals of the bygone era – Episodes from the 19th century

History is replete with shocking scandals, especially those that rocked the royalty and artists of the time. We bring you ...

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Lisa McPherson and Scientology

4 Religious Scandals that shocked the world

When it comes to religion, even the slightest controversy tends to have a snowballing effect that spreads rapidly around the ...

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Donald Sterling Tapes controversy

Scandals and controversies that made headlines in the world of sports

You take any sports you can find it marred by several controversies and scandals. Some of the controversies have actually ...

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ACPAD MIDI Controller

4 Amazing musical instruments that could change the music industry

Over the years, music lovers around the world have been treated to the invention of several musical instruments. While some ...

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Woman with cup

Health concerns that started out as conspiracy theories but turned out to somewhat true

Internet has made information accessible and opened our minds to alternatives that lead us to question trusted establishments. We bring ...

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