Books that never deserved to be banned

Every writer has the freedom to express his opinions. Not everyone agrees with an author’s opinion, especially governments, who fear ...

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Bizarre foods that are delicacies in some parts of the world

The latest trend among food lovers is to experience bizarre and unusual food.World cuisine serves up many such weird foods, ...

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Indian companies that made it to Fortune 500’s 2016 list

The much awaited Fortune 500 list for 2016 is out. The list ranks companies worldwide according to their annual turnover, ...

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Adult stars who managed to create a rewarding career in politics       

You’d never expect that adult stars would be interested – and be accepted – ina field that’s hugely different from ...

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Countries that are a living hell for journalists

Journalists put their lives on the line for the sake of information. They are our connection to news, information, and ...

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Amazing and inspirational rags to riches stories of Hollywood stars

The dream world of Hollywood is one where a person with the help of talent and luck can rise to ...

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Indian celebrities who have faced detention on US airports

If you thought only a common man can have problems at the airports, then hang on! Several famous Indian celebs ...

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Celebs who’ve had crazy arguments on Twitter

Celebrities resort to social media to interact with their fans and to keep them updated about their happening lives. Besides ...

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Know everything about the Pakistan backed atrocities in Balochistan

Balochistan is rich in resources but it is a victim of several atrocities which have been backed by Pakistan. In ...

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10 Super humans who survived a lot of time without food

We all have this fascination for superheroes who can do just about anything. But did you know that there are ...

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Maharashtra CM’s tweet on disabled doctor’s petition helps her reunite with her daughter

“The voice of the people is the voice of the god”. Fortunately, there are good souls on this planet to ...

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Hugh Laurie

Controversial celeb tweets on religion that irked the world

Twitter is a platform for many to voice their views on several subjects, religion included. However, there are times when ...

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