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By – M.K. Bajpai /Jhansi

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Today most of us prefer carbonated cold drinks of various brands available in market leaving behind our traditional wholesome natural health drinks, just because of their attractive advertisements. We all are aware of the fact that carbonated cold drinks do not contain any vital nutrients and they also do not helps to maintain good health in anyway. Many health agencies on the basis of clinical research also proclaimed in public interest that carbonated cold drinks are precursors of various disorders of digestive system including ulcers.

On the other side rural India has variety of authentic natural refreshing health drinks, which are left behind in the race of commercialization in spite of their wholesome goodness. Whey, Sugarcane juice, Lemon water, Coconut water, Sattu & Thandai are some of the reanimating natural drinks, these indigenous health drinks need further enrichment, improved preservation techniques and proper marketing strategy to capture National and International market.

Let us have a look on goodness of some popular natural health drinks:

Whey (Mattha/Lassi) The goodness of milk is well known but whey is also equally protective and nutritious. Whey protein is a high quality protein containing all the essential amino acids required for a healthy body, the biological value of whey protein is 100 which is higher than that of milk protein, Soya protein and Wheat protein. Whey protein also shows positive impact on cholesterol reduction, inhibition of dental plaque and enhances our immune system. Whey is served both in sweet and salty taste along with variety of flavours and other ingredients to attract consumers, Whey is highly beneficial in generally all kinds of bowel disorders and improves our digestive system.

National Research Development Corporation N. Delhi (NRDC) provides technology to prepare probiotic fermented whey which is devoid of CO2, alcohol, fat and extra calories. The whey contains 6 to 7% of total solids comprising of approximately 70% of lactose, 0.9% of protein and trace amount of water-soluble vitamins, minerals and fat, thus whey benefits are countless but still categorized far behind then cold drinks just because of unawareness, non commercialized production and lack of proper market strategy.

WATER – 93.95%
LACTOSE – 5-6%
LACTIC ACID – 0.8 –1.0 %
TOTAL PRTIEN _ 0.8 –1.0 %
MINERALS – 0.5-0.7%
VITAMINS – VitB6 , VitB2, VitC.

Sugarcane Juice Sugarcane juice is highly cooling, refreshing and nutritive, it also provide immediate supply of glucose to reduce physical and mental stress. Sugarcane juice is very popular drink especially in northern India, fresh juice is served with lemon juice, curd/whey, black salt etc. to enhance its taste. It also has potential to combat with jaundice and other disorders of liver& stomach.
Sugarcane is very useful in scanty urination; it keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to perform their functions properly. It is also useful in gonorrhea, enlarged prostate, cystitis and nephritis, for better results it can also be mixed with limejuice, ginger juice and coconut water, mixture of sugarcane juice with limejuice can hasten recovery from jaundice.

WATER – 70 – 80%
SUCROSE – 11 – 16%
MINERALS – 0.5 – 1%
FIBER – 10- 16%

Tamilnaidu Agricultural University (CAE Deptt.of Agri. processing) Coimbatore has developed technology to pasteurize and preserve sugarcane juice in bottles for marketing on commercial basis.

Sattu Sattu is a powdered product prepared from sprouted cereals like gram and wheat. Thus it is highly nutritious and refreshing too. Sattu is served in both semisolid and thick liquid form by adding adequate quantity of water along with other ingredients like salt or sugar to enhance the taste. It is highly refreshing cooling and nutritious with other benefits over constipation. Sattu is a common product in UP and Bihar and need further commercialization by food industries around the globe.

Nimbu Pani (Lemon Juice) Lemon is chiefly valued for its vitamin C content; its juice contains more vitamin C than the whole fruit, (60mg/100gm) along with appreciable amount of vitamin B. It is very useful for the prevention and treatment of scurvy disaese. Lemon water is mineral replenishing drink and it is popular by the common name Nimbu Pani/Shikanji. It contains ample of Vitamin C along with sugar and salt (black salt), thus provides sodium mineral lost during excessive perspiration, Sodium and Potassium minerals are required for the proper co-ordination of muscular and nervous system. This drink is widely known in every part of the world for its peculiar taste and flavor but still far behind than other commercial cold drinks.

Mature Coconut Water
Total solids% 5.4
Reducing sugars % 0.2
Minerals % 0.5
Protein % 0.1
Fat % 0.1
Acidity mg % 60.0
pH 5.2 4.5
Potassium mg% 247.0
Sodium mg% 48.0
Calcium mg% 40.0
Magnesium mg % 15.0
Phosphorous mg% 6.3
Iron mg% 79.0
Copper mg% 26.0
Source: Coconut Development Board / kochi (India)

Coconut Water Coconut water is very popular in south India as refreshing and highly nutritious drink. It contains generally all vital minerals required by our body to remain healthy, it also contains natural sugar to provide immediate energy. Coconut water contains more potassium than most sports drinks and energy drinks; it has less fat and No Cholesterol. It is natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood, It’s the fluid of life, says Mr. Morton Satin, chief of FAO’s Agriculture & post harvesting Dept.
In spite of wholesome goodness of our traditional natural drinks carbonated cold drinks capturing the market only due to our unawareness and enchanting advertisements. No doubt with changing health scenario natural drinks will be recognized very soon in future all over the world for their goodness.

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    A good article pin pointing the good qualities and benefits of natural juices. Now-a-days, people are becoming more artificial and lazy. They do not have the time to prepare juices or not like taking such pains to devote some time for preparing them. They have become accustomed to instant drinks and instants foods. One time will come when they even do not have time and patience in eating food sitting at the dining table. They will consume tablets which will be substitutes for food. How artificial our life style is getting one can not imagine.

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