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Much Awaited DHOOM 3 to be screened on IMAX Screen

A sequel to DHOOM 1 and DHOOM 2, Aamir Khan & Katrina Kaif starer DHOOM 3 is slated for release in 2013. Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, the movie co-stars Abhishek Bachhan & Uday Chopra along with Aamir & Katrina. There are two quite exciting and unusual things associated with the movie. One, the movie stars Aamir Khan, which is unusual given the genre of movies he has done in the last decade. Secondly, what is more exciting is the fact, that this is the first Indian movie to be screened on an IMAX screen. This Yashraj Production will be released in 2D, 3D and a limited number of enhanced IMAX screens for the first time in India, using the “Digital Media Re-mastering” Technology.  As Yash Chopra said; “The announcement has added to the already anticipated thrill Dhoom 3 is generating”. Greg Foster quoted on IMAX’s behalf, “With its riveting action set pieces, global locales and stunning visuals, it is an ideal film to take advantage of our immersive format as we begin our initiative with Indian-language/Bollywood films”.


Dhoom 3, third release in Yash Raj films explosive Dhoom franchise, promises great entertainment, cinematography and heavy duty action. Also, like the last 2 in the series, music for Dhoom 3 will be composed by Pritam this time as well. A killer action and music combo has set high expectation from this flick. Therefore, it certainly seems to be the obvious choice for the International Corporation IMAX to set up its technology shop in India in a big way. The company plans to open 14 specialized IMAX theaters across India by 2014. The IMAX technology will project movies at a far more gigantic scale than ever, witnessed on Indian Screens. IMAX has been quite popular in the West, and has now to its credit screening many Hollywood blockbusters. With the kind of technology being used in Bollywood, and mature films being made, undoubtedly it is the best time for IMAX to enter Bollywood. Greg Foster, the companies chairman on his visit to India, shared the expansion plans of the company in India. They are collaborating in a big way with Indian Production houses to slate releases of other movies coming up in 2014 on IMAX screens. IMAX technology that composes movie watching, a whole new experience also plans to tap Tollywood that is film industry down South India.

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