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Misuse of public property

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Whenever any agitation arises,huge damage to public property is being done by the people.Burning of trains, stone pelting on government authorities has become a common phenomenon and the government chooses to remain a silent spectator.Destruction of public property has become a popular medium for airing grievances. Lack of fear and respect for the public property are the two possible reasons for such acts of arson.

Damage to public property act,1984,was implemented by the constitution but it is seldom followed.According to this act, causing to public property is condemnable and punishment can be imprisonment up to 10 years or paying the cost that has incurred.

But this his act failed to curtail the growing menace as authorities were unable to punish the vandals owing to a poor understanding of their duties and lack of efficient staff to pursue the investigation in such matters.The officials were ineffective to bring the perpetrators who were responsible for such vandalism in country.
Persons who willfully cause damage to public property should be made liable to compensate for the damage. If individuals are difficult to trace, then political parties, groups or organization who are indulged in this should be made vicariously liable to pay the amount because such violent and indecent behavior will not be tolerated in the Indian society

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