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Medical Awareness

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Last Saturday, my father had a brain stroke. His first symptoms showed giddiness. I shunted from one hospital to another unable to make out what afflicted my father. The first hospital wanted to know if he had a history of blood pressure or diabetis. He had been a victim of both but to my mind both were under control which is what the hospital discovered after a few tests. He was sent back with some prescriptions saying that he would be okay soon.

I was not satisfied because that was the first time in his life that my father asked me to take him to a doctor. Generally, he maintained a respectable distance from this tribe! So, I felt it must be something serious.

I took him to another hospital on Sunday. By that time he had developed problems with his motor control. He could not hold anything with his right hand. He was also losing his ability to guide his right hand to a given object. Then his gait also became awkward and he could not maintain his balance. That was making us nervous and anxious.

The doctor told me that my father needs to see a neurologist. But, weekends are bad days to fall ill. Specially, ailments which call for specialist attention. I took my father to a state of art hospital in the capital, but their neurologists were either out of country or out of Delhi.

Finally, I got an appointment with Dr. J.D. Mukherji, Sr. Consultant and Head of Department—Neurology at the Max Super Speciality Hospital in Saket. The moment he started working on my father, I felt a sense of reassurance for the first time in three days. Tests, diagnoses and medication followed. Dr. Mukherji was assisted by Dr. Niharika and others in treating this case.

Any brain damage is irreversible. But, physiotherapy can help rehabilitate the patient. I am told that Max Healthcare has one of the best facilities for physiotherapy and rehabilitation in town. Dr. Alakanand Banerjee heads this department and is assisted by Dr. Hitesh Gupta and others.

On the whole, my experience at the Max Super Speciality Hospital was extremely good. The nursing and other staff members are very caring and extremely nice and co-operative. Throughout my father’s treatment at the hospital, I felt at home.

Now, my father is back at home. That is a huge relief. Physiotherapy will continue for another month. But, I am happy we reached where we should have, in good time. In matters like this, time is of essence. As the Max slogan goes: Seconds can save lives.

If there is a medical emergency, the near and dear ones of the patient must instinctively know as to where the patient should be taken for treatment for a particular ailment. That is important. Because delay can cause further complications. My father’s case has been a learning experience for me.

I do not want others to grope in the dark like me when they are faced with an emergency situation. So, I have decided to post blogs aimed at spreading medical awareness. Medical awareness in absolutely important in an emergency situation.For, this I enlist the help and co-operation of medical professionals to provide information on medical emergencies and support me in this endeavour.

I sincerely wish to familiarize my readers with different kinds of medical emergencies. Sudden severe headache, trouble in walking, weakness in one side, trouble in seeing and trouble in speaking–all these are symptoms of brain stroke.

I realize that Max is a high end hospital. So, I would do my best to list good hospitals where people with different levels of budgets would be able to take their patients.

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