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Love, Sex and Murder

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Today while I was going through the newspapaer, I came across a particular article for the nth time. Everytime the name was different but story was somewhat the same…

It was about a person named Rahul, 30+ of age who fell in love with a minor, 16 years of age. Rahul already had a family in some other part of India, with one kid. They liked each other very much and ultimately one day they broke all the shackles of shame and made love to each other, pre –marriage. This continued to happen almost everyday. Rahul would always promise this girl that he would marry her.

Then one day this girl got pregnant and she expressed her desire to get married quickly. At this Rahul got angry and hit her so hard that she lost her breath and paid the price of falling in love with Rahul. She died. Rahul, as expected, fled away. This is in a way a bit ironic that young girls in our country are felling victims to such so called love. It is not a story that is unique. It happens almost everyday. The sad part is that there is no way to end it. I wonder if it happens due to lack of proper education or due to the desire of having a sexual affair at a tender age.

Whatever be the reason one thing is for sure that India somewhere is lacking on sex education. I believe we get contraceptive pills and balloon type objects to stop pregnancy and allow healthy sex. If we are educated on this then I believe that such tragic incidents will not take place where one gets murdered for being pregnant. Other countries are educated and hence they do things in a safe way but our lack of education and fear of the society is leading to such things. I think it is time that parents teach children about the bee and the flower at a tender age so that they can learn something that is very very natural.

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