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Living Life!!! Happy Mother’s Day

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If a sweet scene cannot make you cry you are not LIVING. You’re a machine who can walk, talk and dance but can’t feel.

Life is about living, it’s all about feeling the pain and happiness. If a flower cannot widen your eyes or if the smile of a baby doesn’t make you happy enough to make your eyes wet then trust me … you’re dead. You’re just wasting precious resources of nature on yourself and trust me you should not waste anymore time here, kill your body as you are already dead as a person.

How can someone be so emotionless. How can someone not feel the blessings of mother nature…

We all wished our mothers a very “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” but I don’t think anyone of us did the same to our “MOTHER NATURE”…Lets just do it!!! Hug a tree, kiss the earth or anything and just wish our MUM…The MOTHER NATURE…


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