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Karma: Circle of Life – Sandesh Gujarat Daily should be bought to Justice

The Law of Karma underpins the process of transmigration of the soul. Karma literally means “action,” but more often refers to the accumulated reactions to activities. Thus we talk of “good karma” and “bad karma,” which are stored reactions that gradually unfold to determine our unique destiny.

The self-determination and accountability of the individual soul rests on its capacity for free choice. This is exercised only in the human form. Whilst in lower species, the atman takes no moral decisions but is instead bound by instinct. Therefore, although all species of life are subject to the reactions of past activities, such karma is generated only while in the human form. Human life alone is a life of responsibility and everyone has to pay for its actions and inactions.

The same can be seen in actions and inactions by Sandesh, a Gujarat Daily in the past few years. Some Highlights of Controversial and Defaming reporting by Sandesh Daily which incited hatered and violence was Godhara Violence and Asaram Bapu conspiracy are shown below.

Godhara Violence

The witnesses of alleged matter stated that the leaders of the riotous mobs were waving copies of the Sandesh newspaper, saying see what you Muslims have done to us Hindus at Godhra as they attacked the area. It was alleged that Sandesh too played a vital role in the violence. Their reportage, the photographs and articles they carried, were extremely inflammatory and incited people to violence. And the news coverage in Sandesh continued to be very inflammatory right up to the day of the Tribunal’s visit. Victim-survivors felt that this was not a communal riot, it was a massacre of Muslims. A communal riot implied that there were attacks on people from both communities. If it had been a communal riot, they said, the properties of both Hindus and Muslims would have been attacked but the Hindu properties were not touched — Muslims did not attack them, yet they kept on saying that Godhra was part of a planned massacre by Muslims. The Press Council of India censured Sandesh for publishing ‘scurrilous’ reports during last year’s communal carnage in Gujarat.

Asaram Bapu Conspiracy

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Sandesh, due to inherent nature of inciting hatred amongst people, now targetted Asaram Bapu. This started with deaths of four children in ashrams of Asaram Bapu in August 2008. Even when the investigation was in process, Sandesh boldly proclaimed the Asaram Bapu and his disciples were responsible.

Thereafter, Sandesh published various inflammatory articles regarding land issues, on Asaram Bapu’s family including his son – Narayan Swami in 2009. This continued for few months in 2009. Sandesh was able to creat an impression on the readers that Asaram Bapu is indeed not a Godmen and Sandesh was only doing its duty by bringing out the truth to people. However, they failed to realise the harm it was doing by publishing such false reports which were provocative and instigating, which caused divisiveness and hatred amongst Hindus and Hindu Saints.

On 10 November 2009, Sandesh published a derogatory cartoon defaming Asaram Bapu was which incited outrage amongst various sections of the society including Asaram Bapu’s followers. This lead to series of events like Dharna (12 Nov 09 to 26 Nov 09) and rally to support the Dharna (26 Nov 09). Several innocent followers of Asaram Bapu were arrested in this rally. Sandesh’s reporting has caused pain to crores of followers of Asaram Bapu as well as common people.

Sandesh daily’s circulations dropped after these series of events and many Gujarati’s despised the newspaper due to its misreporting. However, law of karma will show the Editor of Sandesh, Mr Falgun Patel that all its inactions have will be punished eventually.

The Government and The Press council of India are taking action against Sandesh at its own level. We as responsible Citizens of India should also play our part by expressing our views to the Editor. To express your views, please write/call/fax Mr Patel by various modes below.

Mr Falgun Patel can be reached at [email protected] http://www. sandesh.com.Head Office: The Sandesh Limited, Sandesh Bhavan, Lad Society Road, Vastrapur, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380 054. Tel: (91) 79-4000 4000 Fax: (91) 079- 4000 4242. Mobile no (91) 982 500 7777

Jai Hind !

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