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India to form Manpower Export Council to search better prospects abroad for its workers

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The UPA government is planning to form a ‘Manpower Export Promotion Council’ in India. The proposal is expected to be discussed in the Union cabinet meeting in next few days. The Council would work to search the growing opportunities in the changing global market for qualified and skilled Indian workers.

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has prepared the proposal and decided to form the Manpower Export Promotion Council. The neighboring country China has a similar mechanism to tap the global labor market. It also helps to bring more remittance to the country from other countries.

According to the proposal, the council will evaluate the nature of jobs available and growing in other countries. The council would also formulate several processes to make India’s manpower equipped to suits with necessary requirements and demands.

In the fast-changing global market, this is necessary to form such council in India to shift the focus to produce more skilled labour to meet the demand-specific opportunities abroad. The Council would also create awareness in Indian academic institutions as well to produce more skilled labours.

There is also a clause in the proposal that the council will make a forum with various universities and industrial training institutes for enhancing the skills of workers in India.

According to the report, the Ministry has already collaborated with many states such as Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Punjab to suggest the necessary up-gradation of the skills of the labourers in the these states.

Presently, the Indian workers doing much better abroad and sending remittances. They are making a considerable contribution for the growth India’s economy. According to a data, the remittances coming from abroad to India are now pegged at about 1.5 per cent of Country’s GDP.

In the year 2005-06, India had received the highest remittances of more than US$ 23 billion from abroad. Further, unskilled and semi-skilled Indian workers contribute 45 per cent of these remittances that is more than US$12 billion.

Now, the government is feeling that in the changing global market the scope for the unskilled labours would shrink in coming future. So, the ministry has been decided to take the initiative to make Indian workers equipped with more skill to meet the global demand.


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