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Have Muslims Committed 90% of World Terrorism?

A notorious Zionist hoodlum, who is obsessed with my posts, recently wrote this underneath one of my pieces:

What does the world-wide terrorist picture look like? Data collected on terrorism around the world over the past 20 yearsa shows that over 90% of the terrorist acts committed worldwide are committed by Islamic terrorists.

Deal with it.

I usually do not even bother to read him. If I see his name I pass over the comment because he is so deranged, but I actually read this one. I actually decided, which is something I never do, to respond and wrote: Cite it then.

He has yet to respond and will not with any facts. He, like most Zionists, is impervious to facts and trades only in casual lies designed to whitewash Israel and demean all Arabs and Muslims, Palestinian in particular.

Here’s some data for thinking people:
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Beyond the FBI chart above that shows that Muslims committed only 6% of American domestic acts. Jewish extremists, in contrast, committed 7% but I doubt a Jewish supremacist like the Zionist above would dare notice that.

But what about the world data? Here’s what Europol, European Union agency, wrote in an annual report entitled EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report and collecting data on EU acts of terrorism between 2006-2008: Only .4% of terrorism was committed by Islamists. Not even one percent! See photo. Terrorisms by separatists was over 80!
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But there is a political motive for paying attention to terrorism by Arabs and Muslims, for political reasons. Especially by Zionists to undermine the Palestinian cause as nothing more than a terrorism affair. This is why the Jerusalem Post, under previous ownership before it become a Likud rag, once published a study which showed that most acts of terrorism in the 1970s were committed in Latin America by Latin American groups (including many by U.S.-allied anti-Castro forces), but that most New York Times stories on terrorism were on the Palestinians. I wonder why the pro-Israel NY Times editors made that decision!

Now, the RAND Corporation–the incredibly influential nonprofit global policy think tank (financed by the U.S. government)–has released a report that confirms that the threat of jihadist terrorism in the United States has been heavily exaggerated. The report documents and analyzes acts of terrorism in the U.S. from 9/11 to the end of 2009.

The RAND report includes a time line of all acts of terrorism on U.S. soil committed by jihadists. Not a single U.S. civilian has been killed by jihadists since 9/11. However, fourteen soldiers have been killed, thirteen of those during the Fort Hood Shooting.

Not only were no civilians killed by jihadists in this period, but only three jihadist acts of terrorism were committed. Jihadism thus accounted for only 3.6% of terrorist attacks. The RAND report states:

[Of the] 83 terrorist attacks in the United States between 9/11 and the end of 2009, only three…were clearly connected with the jihadist cause. (The RAND database includes Abdulmutallab’s failed Christmas Day attempt to detonate a bomb on an airplane.) The other jihadist plots were interrupted by authorities.

Fifty of the 83 terrorist attacks were committed by environmental extremists and animal rights fanatics, “which account for most of the violence.” Five civilians were killed by the anthrax letters.
The RAND report includes a number of other interesting findings:

(1) The number of jihadist recruits is “tiny”, and the overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans oppose jihadist ideologies.

You’re more likely to suffer from eco-terrorism than Jihadi zealots, but the U.S. media likes to, often for political and prejudicial reasons, to overly concentrate on Muslim terrorism and thereby create the image of a high level of Islamist terrorism.

But media coverage does not dictate actual acts.

Finally, the question of the world.

In Dying to Win: Why Suicide Terrorists Do It, an exhaustive study on the issue of suicide terrorism, American author, who also heads the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism (CPOST) at the University of Chicago Professor Robert A. Pape, who is the president of the University’s Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism (CPOST), and author of the well-sourced academic book on world terrorism “Dying to Win: Why Suicide Terrorists Do It” has written:

“The data show that there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world’s religions. In fact, the leading instigators of suicide attacks are the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, a Marxist-Leninist group whose members are from Hindu families but who are adamantly opposed to religion.”

So a leading source of suicide bombings are by a Asian Marxist group with members from a Hindu background. On pg. 17 of his book he does write: “Overall, Islamic fundamentalism is associated with about half of the suicide terrorist attacks have occurred from 1980 to 2003.” Most of it, it should be noted, is concentrated against Israel and is not a global matter. So Islamic fundamentalism suicide attacks is certainly a large faction, but it is not a majority of suicide attacks and certainly not 90%. Please note that this is addressing a sub-category of terrorism: suicide terrorism. But when one looks at terrorism as a whole, suicide and otherwise, the share of Muslims falls even further than what one may be lead to believe by the media. And terrorism, suicide or otherwise, has nothing to do with religion. Contrary to the lies about how Islam inspires violence, one academic report after another by genuine experts (as opposed to the self-styled “experts” with their polemical garbage on cable news), shows that foreign policy is the instigator of terrorism which is a backlash to, real or perceived, assaults by foreign powers. Papes stresses over and over in his book that even terrorism by religious fanatics is real nationalist terrorism with a pious veneer. People may use religious as a pretext or rallying call to justify their actions, but it is about nationalism and independence from foreign powers. As Papes writes, “With
1.4 billion Muslims around the world, plotting the
data on this map should result in a scattergram
of attacks across the region; but that’s not how it
looks. Suicide terrorism is concentrated in the areas
where there is foreign occupation. The cause is not
religion, it’s occupation.”

And it has nothing to do with resentment over American freedom [sic] and liberty [sic] or democracy, such as it is, but with American foreign occupation and any foreign occupation: “Pape maintains: 89 percent of all suicide
terrorism around the world since the Iraq war is the
direct result of troops on the ground. His data show
that of nearly 1,600 suicide attacks, 95 percent are
against all foreign occupying forces,
with 90 percent
of those against just U.S. forces.”

So Americans need not be narcissistic and think terrorists just fancy them because they are so free. Belgium is free too! And Belgium troops are not in Iraq. And if they were it would be no different for them than for America’s. It’s the occupation, stupid!

I could go on, but you get the picture.

It is not Islam that needs to be “reformed”, but American and Israeli foreign policy. It is deceptive to say that Muslims need to combat extremism when it is America’s policy which breeds such extremism and terrorism.

Unlike the idiot and lying Zionist hoodlum, I do not just ascertain things in order to smear others without providing a shrewd of evidence to back up my claims, but I rely on facts.

Don’t take my word for it: Here’s the link for the FBI.

Here you’ll find several EU reports on the Europol site on terrorism showing the almost nonexistence of Islamist terrorism despite the headlines.

Rand report is here.

Richard Pape’s book can be read as an expert here on Google Books, or buy it on Amazon. Or you could also read this excellent report on Pape’s research from the Carnegie endowment.

So believe what you want: F.B.I., Rand think tank, Europol, University of Chicago researcher and the Carnegie endowment or the anti-Islam, Know Nothing bigots seeking to present a false picture to serve their agenda in support of Israeli occupation and crimes and more wars against innocent Muslims.

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