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Harnessing Water Resources In India

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If we carefully analyze the report appearing some time back in American news media based on recent satellite mapping that every year water level is receding by one ft. per arum. This is basically due to our over dependence on surface and as well as under ground water resources for meeting day to day demand of water for industry, irrigation and domestic use. With this alarming situation, we need to seriously think to do some thing before time really runs out.

I do remember that it was during early seventies when Dr. K.L.Rao used to be the Hon’ble Union Minister of Power and Irrigation, a plan was evolved to link Ganga with Kauvery river in South India. I do not know what happened thereafter, but I think gives food for thought. I say even when finances may not be readily available, we need to develop plan of integrating our rivers and create network of rivers, which could be utilized not only to ensure that irrigation, industrial and domestic needs are taken care of, but we may also examine if it could help us in developing rivers as waterways/transport media.

This, of course, would require cool thinking and joint effort on a massive scale. To my mind, we should think in this direction and a core group of leading scientists, planners, private enterprise should be set up. Let the beginning be made by creating a small cell in the Planning Commission first.

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister has been voicing his concerns on this score but this has to be given a concrete shape.

Only visionaries can think and take nation forward……

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