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Girl Stripped In Public – Police Watch From A Safe Distance !

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In one of the bizarre shocking incident, a girl was forcibly stripped in full public glare when she along with her group steeped out of a night club on the day of Holi. It was hard to believe the eyes. Because there were cops present few yards away who could have intervened. But to the girl’s horror they in turn played the role of mute spectators allowing the miscreants to go scot free.

One of the night clubs at Fancy Bazar, the commercial hub of the state capital Guwahati, was hosting a private party on the occasion of Holi. As the things events unfolded, it was learnt that a photographer of a local daily wanted to enter the night club. The occasion being truly of private nature, he was denied entry. At this the photographer together with some of his friends informed the police and a local television channel claiming some immoral activity were taking place. When the cops raided the party, nothing of that sort was discovered. After having lost the battle, the photographer and his friends were seen sulking their wounds near the night club.

The girl along with her friends had come out when the party got over. At this point, the photographer and his friends molested them and forcibly stripped the girl.

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