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Ghazni and Ghaznavi`s Tomb to be Renovated

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The historical city of Ghazni founded sometime in antiquity now the capital of the central Afghanistan`s province of Ghazni, the hometown of the famous Afghan Muslim conqueror Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, was visited by Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, the minister for Culture and Information , Yousuf Pashtoon, Advisor to President Karzai on Urban Planning, Pakistani High Commissioner in Kabul and Poland`s ambassador to Afghanistan.

Mr. Yousuf Pashtoon announced a three phase renovation of the city. He said that the department of urban planning will start its works in three phases, first on the renovation of Historical sites, Second on Public Services and third on Trade Centers. He pleaded for public support and participation in these projects.

Speaking on the occasion the Minister for Culture and Information informed the audience of the Ministries 10 Projects of Reconstruction of Historical Sites and public services which includes the renovation of the tomb of the Celebrated Afghan Muslim Conqueror Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, the reconstruction of city highways, Energy resources, reconstruction of water channels, and the reformation of Tile Industry in the city to enable Ghazni claim the title of `Cultural City of the Islamic Civilization in 2013`

Ghazni is a historical city that served as the hometown and power base of Mahmood Gaznavi, his father Ameer Subuktageen and Mahmood`s son Sultan Masood Ghaznavi. In addition, the city is popular for the graves and tombs of local sufi saints.

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