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Freitag’s ‘Fake Snake’ collection: Limited edition

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The Swiss companies have always been known for the quality work. Two brothers from the Alps, Marcus and Daniel Freitag, started the ‘Freitag’ company in 1993. They have been making sustainable bags and accessories for nearly 20 years now. They have been inspired by lorries and trucks. The collections are made of truck tarpaulin (waterproof canvas), car seat belts, inner tubes and wires from bicycles and recycled airbags. They make sling bags, handbags and purses, suitable for men and women both.

‘Fake Snake’ is their limited collection, the bags look and feel like snake skin. This is the summer-spring collection. The handmade bags are remodeled from different colored recycled products. It takes about six hours to congregate this item. The bags come as a big chic handbag and also a clutch, really wonderful bright colors. The bags come as haversacks, sling bags, elbow handbags, shoulder handbags, laptop bags wallets and many more. There bags used to be handmade, now they hire disabled staff. These bags are being used by a lot of different kinds of people, from the business class to a newspaper boy.

There bags are suppose to pay tribute to those who have been victims of road kills especially animals. They have marvelous stunning and decorative bags. They use no such items as sequence or metal studs. Everything is made with cuttings and products from the tarpaulin. These bags are last long, are waterproof, and eco friendly. Get your own stylish F-Bag along with paying respect.
(Via: Design Boom)

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